I'm at the outlet and want to know if this price is good

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  1. [​IMG]

    $289.99 -50%-20%
  2. You probably won't get a brand new one any cheaper anywhere else =)
  3. That bag is really cute!
  4. ooh cute! Most clearance outlet stuff will be the best you're ever gonna get for it. I say go for it!
  5. It's cute but kind of small. Depends on if you'll use it!
  6. I had that baby in my hands at the outlet the last time I went. I carried it around and decided that it was too expensive (for me) for such a tiny bag.
  7. I like small bags I will use it for my nights out if I go to a club so it will
    work. Also the manager has offered me an additional 20% off because it has a little scary h so my bf is getting it or almost 100 yayyy

  8. Are you at Sawgrass or Dolphin? :smile:
  9. Sawgrass mills
  10. LOL it was there on President's Day...That's where I was when I saw it. Enjoy!!
  11. Thank you ladies!!
  12. aww that is soo cute! I want one..argh..all i think when i see outlets is..damn Japan...I wanna move back to America right now..........
  13. I thought those were long gone from stores/outlets, so I ended up getting that same color for like $149 several months ago, so yes I'd say that's a good price!