I'm Anxious - What do I do next?

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  1. Ok. So I purchased a bag from Ebay which I thought was good until I got a few yeses and nos in the authenticate forum. I looked at the bag closer and determined it was fake. I sent the bag back Tuesday and the seller received it the next day. I contacted them through Ebay and asked when I could expect my refund (which we already discussed that he would give back the full amount minus shipping) and he said he would refund the amount when he picked up the bag Friday (today). I go to Paypal only to see no money deposited and email him again. I haven't received a reply yet! My question is, should I calm down and wait? The tracking said there was an attempt to deliver and they will try again. I'm wondering if this guy is trying to scam. Should I just be a little more patient? If not, what do I do? :confused1:
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you.
    It's difficult to give you an opinion w/out knowing more about this seller.
    Could you please post the item number
  3. Is that allowed? I don't want to tarnish anyone's reputation. I just want my money back. :sad:
  4. I'm not sure if knowing who the Seller is would change your course of action{?}
    Did you open a dispute w/ eBay and Paypal?
    Actually, how did you pay?
    Also, why are you expected to pay for shipping?
  5. Sometimes I check out the seller's reputation.
    If a seller has been registered on ebay for a while and has lots of feedback, more than likely they will work with you (to avoid that dreaded neg.)

    And vice versa w/ newly registered sellers.

    Having that information would help w/ advice here.
  6. I've never returned anything on Ebay before. This is my third bag purchase from there and the seller said they wouldn't pay shipping. Plus I didn't know how to send it back and not make them pay. I ended up paying $33 shipping to send it back! I paid them through Paypal. I haven't done a dispute yet because I sent the bag back Tuesday and don't know if there is a set time I should wait for a refund or what. I'm confused at the whole process and hope I don't get scammed.
  7. I don't think you should pay for shipping - doesn't sound fair.
    I also agree that knowing who the seller is wouldn't change the course of action.
    Don't panic - if you paid thru paypal and your credit card you should be ok :smile:
    You should be ok a
  8. Please tell me when you sent it back you sent it with tracking :O
  9. I already sent positive feedback before inspecting the bag closer. :sad: They had feedback in the thousands but I saw a neutral where another buyer thought they got a fake and said the seller gave them a refund. I haven't seen any other negative or neutral feedback.
  10. Yes. Most definitely. It said the package was sent and a notice was left. It was sent back to a PO Box so how can they deliver it like that? How does the seller get it back if they have to sign for it?
  11. You can always leave a comment to your feedback left.
    You might want to mention that to this seller -

    Def. file a dispute with ebay!
  12. Good Job with the signature tracking :tup:
    You'll have a paper trail and you'll need that.
    The postmaster will leave a notice that the person you mailed it to has a pick up and they will be required to sign for the box when they pick it up.
    Did you use a credit card with paypal?
  13. I don't believe thieves deserve any consideration whatsoever. Criminal Prosecution? Yes. Patience? Definitely not. IMHO you should establish a 24-48 hour refund deadline with seller. If your money doesn't show up within the alloted time-frame, file PayPal dispute and immediately escalate it to Claim. Please let us know the outcome. Good Luck!:P

  14. Thouroughly check the feedback - then post your claim asap IF SOMETHING LOOKS OFF.
  15. well, if you said you sent to a post box but it needs sig confirmation, they will ahve to go the PO to collect the item. so he can't have given you a refund yet.

    if it states that he gave others a refund, it is likely he will give you a refund. contact the seller and tell him you would like a refund asap -

    thing is when you open a dispute with ebay/paypal and escalate to a claim, you will need to provide non-authenticity back up. did you take pics of the bag before you sent it back? although, since the seller agreed to a refund, I am sure you have the paper work so you can show taht to paypal. opening a dispute also allows the seller to hit the refund button!

    as for shipping, it is off that you have to pay the shipping from the seller to you, but if you open a claim and paypal finds in your favour you agree to return the bag to the seller and pay for shipping anyhow. so you would be out the $33. having said that, since it is a fake it is possible they might ask you to destroy it, send it to them, not do anything... you just never know. it hasn't been consistent IMO.

    hopefully your refund will come through soon.