I'm angry!!!

  1. I am soooo angry. I just purchased the damier 6-key holder and attempted to transfer my keys. However, my stupid, fat, car key is too thick for the key loop. I tried to force it through and ended up bending the loop wide open. I will need pliers to close it up!:cursing:

    Did anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

  2. I don't think that those key holders were designed for the car keys that are made today. :sad:
  3. How about putting your car key on a separate ring, then hook the ring to your key loop? Am I making sense??
  4. my thought would be to put the key on a silver keyring and attach that to the hook in your damier.
  5. Apparently not!:s
  6. I have the exact same key holder, but I don't have my car key/alarm in it. I carry my car key on a metal carabiner (I think that's what they call it) that I then clip to the D-ring inside my bags.

    However, if you really want the "fat" car key inside your key holder, maybe you could attach it to a round key ring and then attach the key ring to the gold key loop inside the key case?
  7. Oh that sucks! I agree with others try to attach it to another thing.
  8. what about getting a perfo cles instead? my keys fits great in there.
  9. I did attach it to another ring and attached it to the loop; however, the extra ring extended the key out of the case. I tried to maneuver it to fit inside, I was able to close it but it looks like it's about to burst open!

    I could put the car key on a different ring, but the point was to keep it covered so that it would not scratch my new vernis wallet...

    Any other ideas?
  10. Did you buy the key holder just for your car key, or do you also put other keys in it?

    If you got it for your other keys too, I'd suggest keeping the rest of your keys in your key holder, and getting a separate Pochette Cles just for your car key? You can hook it to the cles loop and keep it zipped in the Pochette. That way, it won't scratch.
  11. return it, buy a cles and just tuck your keys into the cles before tossing it into your bag.