i'm an lv stalker- how about you?

  1. 2 sightings w/in minutes- a piano w/gorgeous patina, and a speedy 25! this NEVER happens where i live. at dinner the other night i shot up out of my seat to catch an lv leaving the restaurant (an ellipse). my dh said- what- you just shot up like a dog on a trail. i tried to be subtle and said, oh- just looking at a purse. he said- it's fake. (he has no idea- he just knows i don't like fakes.) i laughed. ;)
  2. I never used to notice women's handbags, but now I do all the time. I also never used to notice that other women actually looked to see what I was carrying! How embarrassing, when I think of some of the bags I carried when I did not know better.

    By the way, your post count is at "666", scary, post something quick! Lol.
  3. yep. I've actually had to go up to an Asian woman and tell her how much I loved her Tulum GM and mono zippy to match. She was very flattered. Sometimes, I'm not sure of the MC that I see, I saw a black alma with matching wallet and was really not sure, I happened to be carrying my black MC Lodge that day and tried to inconspicuously compare (haha); I try not to stare, but it's really hard, makes me so happy to see real! crazy, huh?
  4. LOL - same here.

    I also notice sometimes when you are carrying a LV, and you catch the eye of someone else who is carrying a LV... the two of you will kind of check each other's bag out and then do a nod/smile or something. It's kind of like being in a secret club! I was getting on the plane with me Keepall and Tulum and walked by this lady with a LV and we kind of did the nod/smile thing. Too funny!

    And hurry, baby&melovelv... post again! you're at 666 posts atm! ;)
  5. I do the same thing. I love bags and I always look at people's bags. And if they have an LV, I find myself looking almost staring at their bags.:shame: I love seeing mongram bags with great patina.
  6. i forget where i was but i was shopping with a friend and i think we were getting on the bus and some woman carrying an lv saw me with mine and came over to ask me questions about the bus. my friend was like "she trusted you because of the lv connection." lol
  7. AGH! THANKS! I never notice that!
  8. :supacool: Yup - My friend and I try to be cool about it, but we do the same nod and smile thing. (only when we see a real one of course!)
  9. LOL..guilty :shame: :shame:
  10. I'm totally guilty of this. Sometimes it's a weird situation cuz my glance turns into a stare and then an awkward smile. :s
  11. LOL I'm an equal opportunity bag stalker. As long is its gorgeous and real, I'll just gape at it for as long as I can. I once followed someone for like a block because she was carrying this TDF GOLD le fab and I just wanted to stare at her bag :shame: . then i snapped out of it and realized that I was actually stalking someone over a bag....
  12. I prefer to call it ADMIRER! It is always nice to see people who have the same great taste in bags as you. LOL!
  13. *raises hand in shame* Guilty too!

    When I was at the mall one time, I almost ran into a make up counter because I was staring at this lady's black Epi Jasmin and Framboise wallet. :push:
  14. hehe i do this...if see an LV my eyes are attracted like a magnet. I try not to be obvious, but i love checking out beautiful bags, especially if they have a nice patina or are rare.
  15. Yes...I am also guilty as charged!!! I am obessed with searching for the next LV sighting!!! It's kind of compulsive...but I enjoy my guilt pleasure!!!