I'm an LV Fanboy But I Bought My Mum A CHANEL Bag : Expert Opinions Needed

  1. My mum's a big CHANEL lover and she has about 20 CHANEL bags, I however is a 19 year old boy whose interest only lies in Louis Vuitton (at the moment).

    On my recent trip to London, I was looking around for a present for my mum. So I decided to walk into the CHANEL Shop at Heathrow T.3. I looked around in the bag section without any prior knowledge about CHANEL bags at all. The only thing I know is most of the bags on show (especially the classic flip flop quilted/squared lil box(whatever you call it) my mum already has (in diff. colors as well).

    The Sales lady helped me pick a few bags and I finally bought this one. It looked pretty cool, even I wanted it. Don't really like the fact that the CHANEL logo is attached on the coin zipper compartment. I loved the feeling of the leather tho, very glossy and the colour is fab.

    Could CHANEL lovers/experts answer the following questions, please:

    - What is this bag called?
    - Is it from a classic or seasonal line?
    - I paid US$2,200 for this bag in the airport, is the price right?
    - Is it normal for CHANEL bags to come only with dust bag and no box

    Thank you in advance!






    If for some reason the photographs do not appear correctly, please go to http://picasaweb.google.com/Ben.Chav/MumSChanel
  2. LOVELY bag!! such a sweet son!! ;)

    I'll try answer your questions:

    1. It's from Pocket in the City ligne..
    2. I guess it's seasonal style.. but CMIIW
    3. I don't really know about the price.., others might help you with this
    4. I always get the box & dust bag when I bought Chanel @ its boutique

    HTH :heart:
  3. I've heard that the boutique @ Heatrow just sell the bag with a dustbag. No box.
  4. Hi skyrider Congrats on such a beautiful bag you got for your mother!:yes::heart:how sweet of you !Just to add that I mostly get my bags without a box and I'm always buying from the C boutique in Vienna so don't worry!this happens esp when I order a bag but they give me a box later on when they get regular shippment!As I was told they do that in order to reduce shipping costs!I don't like this policy either!
    I don't know the exact price of your bag but then you got it Tax free so I think it should be more expensive normally!
  5. what a sweet son you are!!
  6. You're the sweetest!! I wish i had a son like you. :girlsigh:
  7. You're so sweet buying your mom such a beautiful bag. I'm sure she'll love it!
  8. I have this exact bag. I posted my pics yesterday.
    This bag retails in the USA for $2650. So it sounds like you paid the right price.
  9. You're a wonderful son. Your mom is lucky.
  10. Can't see your pics.:crybaby:You're a true sweetie!!!!!!!!!!
  11. that's so nice of you! :heart: :tender:
  12. Thank you! I am sorry you can't see the pics, perhaps try going to this website: http://picasaweb.google.com/Ben.Chav/MumSChanel

    It is the middle-size Pocket In The City bag as I've been told ;)
  13. Awww.... You are so sweet!:smile:, your mom is lucky!, this is a chic everyday bag and I'm sure your mom will love it!
  14. I think you got it at the right price because it is tax free the prices are generally around 10-15% cheaper than the boutiques. I know for a fact that Chanel Heathrow do not box their bags, they only come in the dustbag.
  15. you are so sweet, i'm sure whatever you bought for your mum she will loves it.