Im an idiot. Help me ID something I saw at TJM.

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  1. So I went to TJM on Saurday and was just browsing the purse section, nothing that really caught my eye except for this one silver clutch that was $99. I am not really in the market for a clutch in such a standout color for that much, but it was nice. Oversized, not too bright of a metallic, soft leather, etc. I made a mental note to remember the name so I could search ebay for it, then of course I forgot it. It was Dimoni? Or something like that...definitely a D name. It was large and an envelope type flap with a rectangle part that slipped into a notch on the main part of the bag to keep it closed. Any ideas?
  2. Well I have a few metallic bags from an itallian designer found in TJMAXX called Laura Di Maggio. Ihe bags are really nice soft leather. I have no idea about a clutch but maybe?
  3. another name that sounds close is desmo, i think im just going to have to go back and look!
  4. Check Ebay I saw some Buy it Now clutches by Laura Di Maggio that were metallic. Good luck.
  5. Hi I just checked ebay and a new thing come for Laura Di Maggio that is called a platinum wristlette. It looks like what your description sounds like. Hope this is it.
  6. That is exactly the name was going to suggest. Desmo.

  7. Hi, thanks - this is similar, but the one I saw was bigger and that rectangly part actually slipped into the front of the bag, like the flap on a cereal box. Thats the description I was reaching for earlier, but I just couldnt think of it!
  8. After looking at the Desmo site I am pretty sure that it is a Desmo - the problem is I have this Home Goods gift card burning a hole in my wallet and the bag is at TJ Maxx. You can use a TJM GC at HG, but not the other way around unless its a combo store. I guess I could buy it, then return it to the combo store by where I work, then rebuy it with my GC....
  9. If it's been haunting you for a few days, I say get it, even if you can't use the gift card - you'll find something else you can use that for.