I'm am so pissed! Competitor keeps reporting me because I have half price!

  1. I am so pissed. :cursing::cursing::cursing: She is selling for twice my price and keeps reporting me to eBay. First it was some violation and I fixed. Then she found some other violation, and I fixed. I'm so pissed. There are stupid violations and I know only she would report me. I put "monogram" and "damier" in my title because my item can be used with both, and she reported me for "keyword spamming" this time. She's probably going to find something else.
  2. I'm tempted to report her because her shipping is $15 when it really costs $2 plus $1 for packaging and I'm charging $3.99
  3. Do you know this person? Is she singling you out or does she do this to other sellers?
  4. I list, then eBay takes a few hours to show in the search. As soon as it shows up in the search, it's reported. Since there are only 2 items like that on eBay and I'm the only other seller, I can't imagine anyone else is doing this. It sucks because every time I get reported, it takes a few hours for my relisted items to be searcheable.
  5. Id report her then for her ridiculous shipping charges!
  6. Hey I just wanna say that I was overreacting and now that I'm cooled off I'm all good. I just need to follow all the ebay rules exactly so there is nothing to report. After all ebay designed the reporting system so people can follow the rules. Sigh...Thanks for the support and pm's. =)
  7. What you need to do is rise above this reporting her makes you just as bad . Contact Ebay directly before re-listing to ensure you do everything correctly and they are aware of your item(s) If you had an item removed and you relist without permission from Ebay it can be removed again by them without it even getting reported by another user.
  8. I am not sure one person has that much power reporting... I mean, with the amount of fakes that stay listed when we get groups of people to report, it's hard to imagine your auctions being pulled from one person hitting the report button. Perhaps you made a mistake once and ebay found it and now they are keeping an eye on you...
  9. How do you know this seller is reporting you?
  10. "How do you know this seller is reporting you?"

    The same question I ask too: How do yo know this seller is reporting you?
  11. Yes me too, how do you know?

    Ebay will pick up keyword spamming even if it isn't in your title. They removed a listing on me because I said I had other designer brands in stock in the body of the description.
  12. Sorry if I didn't make it clear but after I cooled off from being upset at losing a lot of listing fees, I didn't blame the other seller anymore. It was wrong of me to jump to conclusions I was just upset.
  13. ^^Glad you're feeling better and it's very decent of you to post this. Hope all future sales go well.
  14. That's understandable, glad you are feeling better now!
  15. If ebay takes your listing down, you get all your fees refunded. If they dont do it right away, you have to email them to remind them. I got my listing taken down because I used the words "like new"....