I'm already addicted. My next purchase should be..

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  1. Hello!

    I just revealed my first Chanel Bag purchase and already contemplating my next one. When I was in the store the SA had put out Nude colored 2.55 and Jumbo on the counter. I have always been fond of this model and color. And Jumbo was my goal t first, but I needed something a little bigger so decided on the GST (Grande Shopping Tote/Bag) after much help from you guys.

    Anyways, I tried both on the 2.55 M/L in gold HDW and Jumbo in silver HDW. Sins I have the GST I don't feel like I need another big bag. I'm also stuck on which HDW I should take silver or gold, and which color nude or something else? I love the red one, but its hard to find, no?!

    So please help on the following:
    Gold or Silver HDW?
    Jumbo or 2.55 M/L?
    Nude or something else?

    Thanks everyone, cant wait to here your thoughts!!

    - N
  2. I think the nude colours work well with gold HDW and look really timeless. Get the Jumbo nude with GHW :nuts:
  3. nude? is there a color called nude ? any pictures ?
  4. jumbo nude with ghw...
  5. Yes I believe so, thats what I connect that sort of color to. Well, I guess you could also say its beige/sand colored :smile:
  6. LOL. That was fast ;)

    I completely agree with you. And now that I have silver HDW it would be nice with some gold. I just don't know if I can afford the Jumbo..
  7. Congrats do your GST! If you don't feel the need for a bigger bag I would suggest the M/L flap in black lambskin w/GH. It's a true classic that you can have for years and years.
  8. Thanks :smile:
    Sins I already have on black from CC I would like to have another color and Nude is beautiful! And I've been using LV for ages, so I kinda sick of gold HDW.
  9. To you have a pic of the Nude? I've never seen it. (at least I don't think soo)

    I still think M/L black lamb w/GH. They are so different that it doesn't matter that both are black :smile: However, an option could be the M/L in Beige Claire caviar. Beautiful bag.
  10. Is this the nude one you mean?


    (Pic courtesy to Pinkmento. Taken from the reflibrary)
  11. Its almost like this. I think theres been reveals on this color earlier.

    I completely agree with you. My mom would kill for that bag but she dosent feel like she could spend that much $$ on one bag - dont get me wrong she has Dior, LV, Gucci, etc.

    Sounds like an amazing color (it might be name of the one I want). Have any pictures?
  12. I cant tell a 100% but It def looks like it.
  13. Sorry, I'm just a little confused. The 2.55 you are talking about, are you meaning the classic flap or the reissue? Does the reissue come in beige clair? (Sorry for my confusion, I'm new here).

    I'm in the same boat as you! I just received my first Chanel in late August (m/l black caviar with ghw classic flap) that was an anniversary gift. My original love was for the beige clair, but they had none. Since black is classic, SO figured why not.

    But I still carry a torch for beige clair, and I want it to be my second purchase. I just wasn't sure about having two classic flaps, so if it's available as a reissue, that's what I'd get!

    As for the hw, I originally only liked gold, but the more I see it with silver, the more I like it.