i'm almost embarassed i feel like such an idiot but...

  1. can anyone help me with resizing pictures from a mac? i've never really had macs before and when i try to upload photos it says they are too big. so, any iphoto owners know how to help? i want to show off my babies!

    thanks in advance!
  2. i think you can shrink them, but not grow.. and im not sure. the only thing i can do on it is crop the photos...
    if you upload them onto photobucket, the site automatically resizes them.
    then you can copy and paste the IMG codes...
  3. Hello...after you're in Iphoto:

    1. Click on the pic
    2. Click on File, Export
    3. Under size, Click on Scale images no larger than
    4. For TPF I type in about 400 (for jpg images)
    5. Click on export
    6. Save file where you want it and under whatever file name

    Hope this helps!