I'm all Giddy, Coach warms my h3art!

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  1. I just sent a letter to the customer service complimenting the service i received from this particular SA. I hope you don't mind if i share it here, it is very simple but here goes:

    Coach - Polaris Fashion Place, Columbus OH
    I visited this store so many times now and I always get an excellent service from your associate - LeeAnn 912584. My recent visit was this past week, using my ePCE. I have to return and exchange my purchases and that made me very uncomfortable but she is always very nice, no questions asked and with all smiles. I will forever be a coach fan and a shopper at this store.

    Thank you!


    ...and then, not even 5 minutes I received a reply.

    Dear (My Name),

    Thank you for your recent e-mail complimenting the service you
    received from our Coach staff in Polaris.

    This is the kind of service Coach is known for and continually
    strives to maintain. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. We
    will be sharing this information with the appropriate department
    for review.

    We look forward to assisting you with your next COACH selection.


    COACH Online Consumer Service


    Although I did not really intend to stick to a particular SA, but everytime I go there, this SA is always the one helping me out in the end. My recent visit, was to use my ePCE and ordered the dot op art sophia and a keyfob, i purchased it on the 17th of this month (hubby's 7th yr wedding anniv. gift to me) she had it shipped to my house but when i received it, it did not like is as much as I thought so I ended up returning and exchanging it to a different bag. I did the exchange last thursday and surprisingly, this store still has the old floor set and she had to ship the bag again, and i was like...that mean's i have to wait again??? but this time, she will be sending it to me faster than usual, it will be here this monday and i can't wait :yahoo:

    yayyy! thanks for letting me share! i will be back here monday for a reveal.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! :heart:
  2. Nice to hear you got great service! May I know which email you used? It's always good to appreciate good service
  3. VERY NICE. I always appreciate good customer service even if you don't even intend to buy (just to look). A good comfortable feeling to not have to be pressured in buying something as soon as you walk in. ;)

    Where can I go to leave good feedback?
    I would love to tell about my 2 girls from the Walnut Creek, CA store.

    I always think YELP, but I want something a little more professional. Thank you!
  4. I just went to coach website and then at the bottom there is a link for: contact us. I just filled that out and choose General Feedback :biggrin:
  5. It is nice to show our SA's how much we appreciate their service:smile:I did the same thing this weekend!I called and told the cs lady what to add in the email.They send it to the store and to their district manager.One of my fav. sa's said ty today when I called to put my skinny and skull on hold before going to pick them up.She was so pleased that I did that because I left my name so they would know it was from me:smile:They deserve some love for putting up with us Coachie's,LOL~That was sweet of you to to do that!It really does pay off because then you get the sa's that will inform you on goodie's.That is my favorite store!
  6. This is nice to hear. I am lucky to have two Coach stores near me and the SA's at both of them have been so good to me. Even though I am always changing my mind and exchanging, they are so helpful and understanding.
  7. What a nice letter!!
    It sounds like you had great Customer Service and found another great bag!!!
    Can't wait to see it!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. My SA and Coach Store Manager where I go to are absolutely the best people when it comes to Customer Service.