I'm after the MJ Blake!!!

  1. Hey I really like this shoulder bag. I tried it on today and took the stuffing out and it really is a great bag - SO MUCH better than the stella I have which is very very very very heavy. Ever since I got my Stella (which was my "breakthough" bag ) I have been living large (w/ bags, of course) hahaha

    This one is a great size. I am going to see if I can eventually get one after the holidays. I just have to watch it w/ gifts etc. but I love this bag and
    deals will come next year too!!!
  2. Me too! I'm new here and I just got a Venetia, but I really like the Blake :love:; I'm looking to get one in the new Cocoa color if I can! Let me know if you get one and I would definitely love to see some pics!
  3. I have a tomatoe red blake and LOVE IT !! LOVE IT !!! LOVE IT!! It is a great size....Looks great with everything and the 3 compartments keeps all my stuff organized...no digging!! Great choice!!! Good luck in your search!!!! :heart:Emmy
  4. Blake & Stella are great bags.
    MJ's seasonal styles do go on sale these days (not like before). Hopefully, the combination you & Lovingmybags want will be among the marked down items. Good luck. =)