I'm after a Purse - Can you post photos of yours?

  1. I've been converted to Mulberry and I desperately NEED a Mulberry Purse but which one?

    Can you post photos of your lovely purses to give me an idea?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome! You can take a look at all the photo stickies at the top of the Mulberry forum.
  3. ^ Thanks but I couldn't see many purses (wallets) in those.
  4. I've got two Mulberry purses. One is choc brown congo leather flap purse and the other is medium congo leather zip around purse in red. I'll try and post some pics later today if I get a chance.
  5. Oops Sorry. I forgot that in British English, "purse" means wallet! I thought you were asking for pictures of handbags=purses, in American English. Sorry!
  6. Those ar my two long wallets that I carry in my bayswaters. The smaller of the two (tooled oak) is small enough to fit in the somerset shoulder, but the black is too big. They are booth roomy and can be used as clutches if needed. I sometimes put my cellphone & keys in the wallet, when at work and I don't want to bring a big bag for lunch or similar. Love mulberry wallets!
  7. I have quite a few Mulberry purses and I have to say the long locked purse in oak is my favourite. it wont go out of style and they have had the same design for a while now.

    I can post a photo later today.
  8. Vicky - love your bags and purses!:tup: And what a nice picture of your collection!