I'm afraid to use my cream YSL muse bag....

  1. i know i'm a freak...but, its so gorgeous...i know i'll ruin it...hahahaha...it just looks so nice & perfect - with its gold detailing! i doubt all the protectors in the world will actually protect it from the wrath of me! ahhhh! what do i do? :wtf:
  2. you could hide it away in the closet, you could sell it and buy a darker version of the muse, or you could wear it with pride knowing it will not always be 'new'. hell, when it isn't, then you have a reason to buy another bag! :smile:
  3. Don't be afraid! Face your fear :sweatdrop::yes:.

    You're supposed to use it and enjoy it. It will get easier...really.

    When I saw the first Craie (Cream) Paddington I HAD to have it.
    Maybe not the "practical" color but it was that color that pushed me over the edge :heart:. I used it quite a lot when I first got it, and with care, and the only wear was a little to the bottom piping. Really insignificant. Protector protected me from my coffee-loving self, don't want to reveal how many times a Starbucks dripped on it...:whistle:
  4. Thanks guysssss....
  5. Don't worry too much. It is a bag, it'e meant to be used. I have actually found my Muse to be one of the "better" light colored bags I've owned. I've had mine since last November and mine still looks pretty good. I keep meaning to take some photos to post on here.

    It was kind of hard to protect it at first, but essentially, I don't wear it out in pouring rain and I don't set it on the ground. At work, I do take the dust bag and place it inside when it's in a drawer in my office, but that isn't really a chore since the bag is more than large enough to hold the folded bag when the dust bag isn't in use. I also don't put on lotion and then touch the bag but other than that, it's pretty much free reign.

    Just make sure you have a good leather cleaner on hand and you'll be fine. I've been good enough to mine that it really isn't showing it's wear... and being rather neurotic has just become second nature. You'll be fine!
  6. Which leather cleaner do you recommend?
  7. Coach has a good one sold at their stores. Even the people at YSL have recommended it. I recommend that one.
  8. the Coach leather cleaner is amazing...truly! i highly recommend it! i use a white pillow cotton case cover and the cleaner & clean all my bags with it! its the best thing!
  9. Well I finally posted some photos in a seperate thread so I hope they'll give you hope that you can use the bag and not have it look terrible. :smile: