im afraid this looks weird..your opinions please?

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  1. i bought this bandeau, its my first one..i really wanted the scarf in this denim style but i found this brand new for $90 and coudlnt pass it not really a "scarf on my bag" type person..and dont like it around my hair or tied around my if i wore it like this would it look weird? i sort of already know it looks weird, but i just want to know what you guys think..and of course I wodlnt wear it with what I have on bumming around the house right now =)
    bandeau 001.JPG

    bandeau 003.JPG
  2. well it doesn't look weird here imo because it's pressed against your body and makes it seems like it's part of your tank top...

    but i dunno, with some wind, I don't think I like the image of 2 things flapping around lol
  3. it doesn't look weird hun! you could find a million ways to wear it. Prehaps check out the Hermes forum, i know they had something called "The Hermes Scarf Karma Sutra"

    it shows about a million different ways to wear a scarf! Give it a try :smile:
  4. I think it looks prosh! I like it. You can do a bajillion things with a scarf. yes, I'm in fake-word mode ... lol.
  5. hahaha ^^ i like fake words.. thanks
  6. I like it.
  7. It looks nice! Not weird at all!
  8. heee.... OK. I won't ask about the bra. :shocked:

    I can't imagine that this will stay in place?
  9. It makes you look like you have suspenders on. Then think of how it looks when your are walking, it will move all over.
    Not really a good look. I would take it back and get something that offers you more use.
  10. I don't find it weird.
  11. I would prefer to wear it another way as it looks slightly awkward to me. Also as other people have mentioned, I think once you start moving or the wind blows it will look messy. I would also be nervous that it would drag in my coffee or get caught in something! lol!

    What matters though is if you feel comfortable wearing it. If you do then go for it!
  12. LOL :roflmfao:

    I don't think it looks weird but if you're outdoors and there's wind, you might have a problem with it flying off. :P
  13. whats wrong with my bra :confused1:
  14. I think it's super cool:supacool: But with that being said I think it would look better if you wore it a different way(around your neck etc), not the way you have it pictured. ;)
  15. I think it looks great. Remember, as long as you like it that's all that really counts!:okay: