I'm afraid someone is going to fall for this fake...

  1. Just so I know, what makes this one fake?
  2. I can't really tell either... winona77 what gives it away?
  3. My first glaring indication was the metal tag.
    The font on the numbers and spacing is way way way off.

    Have you been to this site? It's amazing ;)
    Below are links to the 3 pages I found the most helpful when I started looking to eBay for older bags ;)

  4. That, and the bales are off. Not quite square, not quite rounded.
  5. Hmmm.... I just saw this one too....I thought it was legit.
    In fact, I added it to my "watch list".....It looks really good.

    I guess I will have to study LP's blog some more!
  6. :yucky: :biggrin: Oh yeah! I just stopped at that tag
  7. elongated R in paris
  8. Yup.. there are a lot of things wrong with this bag, hardware (the buckles), silver tag, bales....

    thanks for watching out ;)
  9. Cased closed on this one...don't bid!

    and Chigirl, that looks good to me :smile:
  10. The nerve of some people just amaze me. :rolleyes: So do the fakers who try to pass their wares are real. :yucky:
  11. totally agree, the silver plate looks off and the rivets dont have cuts in them... hmmm, i wonder where they got the box from....
  12. I reported the first one! Hopefully no one will fall for it seeing as how person is brand new to ebay (big red flag!)
  13. Not to mention that the seller herself is a real piece of work, she sure tries to cover all the bases in her description

    - Gift from aunt in Toronto
    - Holt Renfrew
    - Describes what numbers on the tag means
    - Explains rivets, no notches before 2005 (she screwed that one up since her purse is supposedly from 2005 :rolleyes: ) and then has the nerve to call it a "lesson" on how to tell real from fake!! :blink:

    Either she is a good liar or she really thinks the bag is real. Maybe her "aunt" duped her and bought her a fake bag :P