I'm afraid of retaliation!

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  1. I recently had more than 5 buyers that did not complete payment because did not read the payment instructions!!!:cursing: I'm so upset!...they made me waste my time and money! ...the thing is that I wanted to post negative feedback but I was afraid they will ruin my 100% positive feedback. I'm a high end goods seller and I can't afford to have negative feedback posted on my profile. :mad: :mad:
  2. Ok this is what you do FIRST do the COMPLETE FILING...it might just kick them off ebay if it was not their first offense, file non paying bidder, fees back ect..Then put a note by your computer for the last day you can leave feedback...kind of spy on their bidding history to make sure they are not very active and BAM right then. MANY negs I left never got any back the negs I do have were idiot buyers who could not deal with a HUMAN ERROR and apologies or IDIOTS that did NOT pay

    I used to accept MONEY ORDERS but after 3 weeks would say forget it and they would throw a FIT..wait I NEVER FRIGGEN ACCEPTED MONEY ORDERS but I OFFERED to let them pay so I'm a mean troll for giving up after 3 weeks ;)

    You have to let other sellers know they are scum!!
  3. ^^^Aw, come on now, FlauntIt. Tell us how you really feel.:roflmfao:
  4. FlauntIt- you are certainly not afraid to speak your mind.;)
  5. File a non-paying bidder dispute with eBay on each one of them to get your final value fees back. If they don't respond to the dispute thru eBay, you can leave them a negative and they can not leave you one in return. eBay will not allow it.

    Be careful though. Some buyers are hip to this fact now and will respond to the dispute without any intention of ever paying just so they can leave you a retaliatory negative in return if you decide to neg them first.

    My opinion of eBay: Any time a buyer does not pay and eBay grants final value fees back to the seller - the seller should be able to leave them a negative whether the buyer responds to the dispute or not.

    But at least you will have the satisfaction of the buyer getting an unpaid item strike. Three strikes - you're out.
  6. I THINK The new rule is if you do all the non paying bidder stuff and get final value fees back that NPB is withdrawn from your feedback and does not count...I was off ebay for a few months but I think thats how its playing now

    btw NOPE I speak it, and the scary part...in real life too :P
  7. if they don't respond to the UPID then, their FB rating is withdrawn. The comment still shows, but there is no rating, and it says below, that the buyer did not respond to an unpaid item dispute.
  8. So file away and NEG THAT SCUM ;)