I'm afraid I've become a bag snob....a fun thread!!

  1. :yes: Not that I'll ever get to the level of Hermes, but what happened to the good old days when a regular no name leather bag was enough? :shrugs:Ever since joining the PF, my tastes have escalated! I've gotten to the point where the least expensive bag I will buy is Coach (even though to some, Coach is the most exclusive brand). Besides Coach, I bought my first LV last year, and now this year I just bought my very first Balenciaga, which was my most expensive bag to date. What's next?? WTH happened to me....anyone else feel this way??? :nuts: I know some of my friends/family think I've totally lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!:upsidedown:
  2. Yes. I've lost it. No doubt about it. My friends, family, coworkers all think I'm nuts....

    and I won't carry any Coach with a big visible logo either! We are crazy!
  3. Actually, when I first got here I was really into the high end names. The more time I spend here the more I really like Tano and Hayden Harnett bags. :p I have actually found that by spending more time here I see more mid range bags that I like, and lust for the 1k+ bags even less. I do want a Chanel quilted flap and a Dior Gaucho, but other than that meh.
  4. I just want stuff that no one else has. Everyone up here has Coach, D&B or LV fakes. I don't see really nice stuff very often.
  5. Yea, I feel like that too. Not a bag snob because I'm not going to judge other people...but I'm starting to spend more than anyone I know on bags also. I was SUPER excited to score a Gryson Tate on the sale for under $200 and I sent it to my friends who were online because I was so excited..and they were all like "..you spent that much on a bag?" I used to die to go to the Coach outlet, but not I'm expanding my Horizons a bit (don't get me wrong, I still like Coach and am lemming like 4 legacy bags)..but yea, my taste is changing and so are my exppectations. I have to spend some time in my room today cleaning out my closet and selling stuff to pay for the addiction.
  6. This forum has made me give up my Coach bags and look at other designers. It really is an obession.
  7. ...I've always been into really great (expensive!) shoes but with a bag I was always who cares, just something in nice leather. Although, brief sidetrack, when I was in college we were all obsessed with the liz claiborne triangle pattern bags so I had to get one too, LOL.

    So I justify my ever growing expensive tates in bags by stating that they have to be PRACTICAL and VERSATILE (with the exception of evening bags and a few clutches). If I'm going to drop serious coin on a bag it's got to work multiple seasons of the year and coordinate with almost any of my wardrobe. Hence, I normally get choco brown or black bags (which can range from leather to LV mono, Coach b&w signature or zucca Fendi).
  8. I'm a bag snob about rare, luxury brands. I'm thinking of selling my Chanel for a black Mulberry Mollie because I almost never see anyone with Mulberry in my area (besides me).
  9. Oh, I am SO the same way.

    I had tons (I am talking over 30) no name bags...and I only have two left, 1 that I carry on a random trip out of town.

    I started with Coach (because that was all I could afford), I had a Dooney but gave it to my sister.

    I dream of owning a bit of everything...SOMEDAY. I can't afford to just start dropping money into a LV, or Balenciaga, or Dior, or Burberry, but someday, I hope to have one or two of each in my collection.

    I just got my first LAMB...not a single person in town has one!!! And I kinda like it that way...
  10. I'm right there w/ you! I used to covet nice bags but only buy one cheap bag at a time and carry it until the lining ripped or zipper broke. I finally decided ENOUGH and bought my first Coach bag (and found tPF at the same time!) .... I have several bags from Coach and Tano and now I'm on the brink of owning Balenciaga bags. I think the B-Bag will be my 'top out' tho...I will never have a budget for more than that!
  11. And to address the actual REASON for the post (haha).... I don't judge people for the bags they carry but I will never again carry a trashy bag.
  12. Me too!! A few months ago... If I liked the color... and it fit my body well... that was enough... NOW?:nogood: OMG... I'm checking out the stitching...:rolleyes: I'm checking out the lining... I'm touching and smelling the leather like some kind of CSI or crazy food critic!! :roflmfao: My DH laughs at me... He's like... Sorry honey... I should have remembered the microscope...:flowers:

  13. Yea, I think my max is also the Bbags-love the leather. I hope nobody misunderstood my original post as me judging others by what bags they carry, it's me judging myself-lol. I can't see myself carrying an ordinary bag ever again, I've spoiled myself too much and there's no turning back!! ;):shame:
  14. I was thinking just yesterday that I no longer consider $700 to be an outrageous price for a bag and own several in that price range. I am not sure when that happened. I still remember when I was the girl who paid less than $100, carried the same bag for several months and then dumped it for good.

    I always notice what other women are carrying, but more as a "can you name that bag" thing to myself. Since I love to hear people complement my bags, I have learned to do the same when I really like something.
  15. I'm just amused by how quickly we all manage to go from wearing $150, absolutely nice, adequate bags, to finding we'll never be happy again until we've had something spectacular and wish lists start including brands we previously never even heard of..and it's almost impossible to go back...

    All of a sudden a $700 bag is fairly cheap!!:nuts:

    I couldn't care less what anybody else wears, in that respect I'm not a bag snob at all, but now I find it so hard to really appreciate a bag for myself if it's just an ordinary, well-made no-name bag and I'm actually a bit sad about that...