I'm addicted...

  1. to Yahoo Answers..

    I stumbled on to it 2 months ago and I'm completely addicted..mainly cause of how fast people reply and how sincere some answers can be..and I have fun sharing my opinions-- specially on Marriage and divorce sections..anyone else??
  2. Right here! I do frequent yahoo answers quite a bit, I enjoy answering questions and giving advice, and they do respond quickly!! I am almost to level 3, and I joined in august.
  3. Am I the only one who sees the irony in the user's thread title and her user name?


    I do like Yahoo answers...save the fact that sometimes, they're just wrong.
  4. I also like that site!!!
  5. I'm slow and don't get it. What's the irony?:idea:
  6. Simple Plan is a band and Addicted is one of their songs.
  7. Oopsie - title of one of their albums. Addicted to You is the song I do believe.
  8. OK. Thanks. Not my genre of music, but I get it now:roflmfao:
  9. lol
  10. Bahaha, funny.

    I like Yahoo Answers. I often look at the Fashion and Accessories section.
  11. I don't use often. Sometimes you get crappy answers.
  12. I've never used it actually......I'll have to check it out. Lately my obsession has been with better.tv - they have tips and info, but it's all in these 2 minute video clips. Love it, use it for everything. www.better.tv

    Anyone else a fan?