i'm addicted

  1. I came across this site purely by accident, though i do confess to always having a "thing" for bags.

    Then I saw these Bbags, and all the colors. And I imagined how soft they were, after reading countless descriptions. For several nights, all I have done is stay up reading the entries. Trying to decide what i would get, if I were buying.

    And I decided that I can't decide. There are too many to love. So I ordered one from BalNY, the twiggy grenat. I love it. I love the color. (The picture doesn't do it justice) Though there seems to be an imperfection on the shoulder strap. I have taken a picture and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is and how serious it is. I think I should probably send it back.

    But the bigger problem is I can't stop. I want the First in black and I am thinking about the giant hobo in acquamarine. I dont know if that color is too loud for me. I also love the indigo color but don't know if there are any around.

    What do you think of the problem with the bag and about an aqua giant hobo? Or maybe I should get a day bag. Anybody have any favorite colors in that one. Something vibrant and fun.

    Sorry so long. I would love to hear some advice. Does it ever end? Does anyone ever feel satisfied? Or does everyone feel like me. I have to have another and another....

    bag2.jpg bag3.jpg
  2. It is an addiction. My DH calls them "crack bags", but for the first time I feel content because I found my holy grail. I know that I will buy tons in the fall. That what makes bbags so fun, besides the amazing leather and colors, it's the collecting that is the best part.
  3. first of all congrats on your first purchase! I think you made a great choice..you got a fun yet neutral color..and grenat appears to be a color that fits right into any wardrobe so great choice! As for your next purchase I think you should try and locate maybe an aquamarine day..i saw one in the forums a couple weeks back and thought it was simply stunning and since your thinking about an aquamarine giant hobo..i'd suggest the day though because the GH is something you have to warm up to..it's very in your face..and i think if you got the day in aqua..the color would be the focus rather than the hardware. Anyways goodluck and let us know what you end up choosing =)
  4. See if they'll exchange the shoulder strap pad with another one for you. You can remove it and send it in to them. That's a flaw...and if it really bugs you, get it replaced.
  5. Yayy congrats. :yahoo: You finally got your Gernat Twiggy. :dothewave: I am glad that i could help you out with this baby.;)
  6. Congrats. I think you should send it back only if it bothers you.
  7. Congrats!

    I just got a Grenat Work and I love it, fabulous color.

    On the flaw, is that a ding in the leather? If so, I would send it back. If it's jut a spot with a different color showng through then possibly just keep it?
  8. I know what you mean about becoming addicted to reading about them and looking at pics! I also think it is so tempting to buy more than one because the colors are so truly amazing. I have never seen other handbags with such gorgeous leather colors.
  9. i totally feel your pain. just bought my first bbag a month ago and am itching to get another one, but i seriously am on a purse ban until september, and i do hope to stick with it...........

  10. me too. i have gotten 2 bbags in 1 mth!!! and now i regret it - i dont regret getting the bags- i LOVE the leather, just wish i didnt get the exact same. i ended up with 2 Works in GH in different colours.

    I wish i had gotten a different shape esp now that f/w will be intense.:confused1:

    my husband does not know about the 2nd work! so i'm actually stressed. much as i love the bags i think i will have to sell one of them eventually. i do hate eBay :cursing: . - are there any other sites that i can go to ? suggestions?
  11. thanks everybody for your input. I emailed a picture to diasy and see what she says. The idea of just exchanging the shoulder piece sounds like something easy to do. That might work best. As for the next one, i will look into finding a picture of the acqua day. I don't recall seeing it.

    Next question, if you wanted a bag in the blue family what color would you choose, and if you had a choice of a black first 2006 or a 2007 which would you choose?

    Thanks again. I have so much to learn and you guys have been very helpful.
  12. Anything in Aqua is Fabulous!!! An aqua day sounds fantastic to me. I have it in the City and I am thinkin of getting the cafe in the day style.

    Get the 07 first, they have better leather.
  13. Welcome to the circle of Balenciaga addicts!!!!!:yes:

    And congrats on your first Bbag! Grenat is such a beautiful,versatile color.....My Granat Work is on her way to mommy and I can't wait!!!!

    I think Aqua is stunning and would be a great choice! If I were to choose from blue family, I would say 05Navy, but the chances of bumping into it often are pretty slim. I personally prefer 07 leather because it's smooshier and thicker, but I do like some 06 leather(soft, wrinkly, heavily distressed) as well.
  14. Welcome to the Bal Cult!!! I bought my first Bal bag last August. Since that time I have bought 14 bags. My latest purchase is a French Blue Matelasse which arrives tomorrow. As for a new blue, this is my personal favorite from the current season. You mentioned Indigo, and it is a beautiful deep blue color. Really stunning in person. It has been my experience with patience, every color and bag does show up on eBay sooner or later. All of my bags are from past seasons except for the French Blue, because I was love 05 leather and colors. I am very picky about the condition of my bags and I prefer to pay more for a mint bag. Below is a link to a thread about blue bags with lots of pictures to help you choose. Among my others, I have pictures of my Indigo City there. One great thing about buying bags that are sought after from past seasons, if the bag turns out to not be right for you, you should have no trouble finding a buyer. I can't wait to see what you choose next!!!
    Here is the link to the thread with lots of pictures of blue bags..........

  15. WELCOME! It really is hard to stop once you have one.:sweatdrop: Congrats on your grenat twiggy...Grenat is SO pretty! I LOVE the new Hobo style but not the GH! I really hope they make it in RH. I have a Aquamarine City and I LOVE the color! Make sure and post pics of the bag you decide to get!