I'm addicted to Ross-Dress-For-Less!

  1. I am in serious need of HELP when it comes to handbags at Ross!:girlsigh: The last two months have found me at three different Ross stores in my county obsessing over their purses! They've got a fantastic assortment of nice bags at bargain prices. I usually only buy leather, but every once in awhile I've even found a faux leather or croc at Ross that looks just great! I no longer have any more space in my closets. I simply have to STOP going over to Ross to check out their new arrivals! :nuts:
  2. I like Ross as well. Good for shoes and home furnishings.
  3. Yes, Ross can be very addicting. Then I found Marshall's and was equally consumed with that store also. Good shoes there.
  4. Me too! And also addicted to Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I love bargains more than anything! :P
  5. I can never find anything at the Ross where I live. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls, though!
  6. We don't have Ross where I live, but I went to one in Naples, FL and got 2 pairs of Gucci sunglasses and a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses - I think they were $29.99 each or something crazy like that. Then I went back again the next year and it was all junk. Seems like these places are really hit or miss.
  7. Yeps, TJ Maxx are faves of mine as well
  8. I love Marshalls more...just got a pair of BCBG velour pants for 10 bucks :nuts: the Ross by me has good stuff sometimes, but I always seem to find something at Marshalls :smile:
  9. The Marshalls close to my house sometimes sells Coach bags. I haven't seen them in Ross though.
  10. I remember seeing Hype, Melie Bianco, and even a few Michael Kors. One has to get past all the Liz Claibornes though. I need a new wallet, so I think I'll make the rounds to all stores in Rockville this weekend. Woooo Thanks for reminding me, I haven't been to any of those stores in a while.