Im addicted to LV

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  1. When is my addiction is ever gonna end? lolz I feel like I need an intervention or something. I love LV and Chanel and they are they first thing I think about in the morning. Which bag I am gonna use or which bag will be out with me today. My boyfriend joke that I love these bags than him... lolz... I am thinking again for a new purchase and I feel like I just had big purchases. Should I stop or should I indulge one more time? I need an advice:smile::smile::smile::smile:
  2. If they make you happy and you shop responsibly, indulge!!!
  3. It is never enough, isn't it? I'm pretty content at the moment since I just got my Mahina XL in Gris Perle. How can you really top that? LOL
  4. I think all of us on this forum LVoe LV! BUT, try to use moderation....if you can afford something new without going into debt or hurting your financial standing, then go for it! Otherwise save your money, enjoy what you have, and when you have enough saved for that next special piece you will LVoe it even more! :biggrin:
  5. Yes! your right.its never enough lolz..... :P
  6. I don't have problem with the financial part. Its my guilt thats killing me. Sometimes I feel like I have too much and other people don't. I spend so much money on these bags.....:nogood::nogood::nogood::nogood::nogood:
  7. If it's guilt then why not try volunteering at a local food bank or shelter and see how the "other" people live. Who says you can't be philanthropic and be LV obsessed at the same time:smile:
  8. Absolutely! Or you can get involved in community events that support charities and allow you to carry your bags. I love a good charity ball so I can bring out an LV or Chanel clutch and some fab shoes. Also, the silent auctions are generally amazing. I also run races and raise money for charities that I care about. If it's a long race, I reward myself with a bag. I need to run another half marathon so I have a "excuse" to get another. I am going to an event on Monday through the local Arts counsel where Trina Turk will be speaking and presenting her fall line - charity and the opportunity to buy clothes and sip cocktails - BONUS!
  9. You shouldn't feel guilty for what you have and there is nothing wrong with wanting more. Maybe if you have the urge to buy a new bag but feel too guilty, you could give something "small" like $500-$1000 (half of a new Lv) to a charity. And then that could tide you over until your next purchase :smile: or just save your money!
  10. Same's an addiction...a adrenaline rush when you purchase one. I'm 24/7 checking out, pictures, TPF, ebay, blogs, Youtube, etc. lol
  11. Gosh me too! Glad I'm not the only one here! I don't even know why? I'm a SAHM so I don't carry a bag everyday. And you only have two arms, yet I want more more more! Lol
  12. Yeah me too...I feel guilty after splurging my parents money but they don't mind and they said use money responsibly. Thank god, they never tell me I can't buy bags or else I would die. Thank god my mom shares my obsession and bags and she buys a lot too or I'll be the odd one in the family lol..
  13. Totally agreee...I help the community service club every week on fridays and it feels good.
  14. I have stopped buying LV, and I haven't even called the mail order customer service number in over 3 weeks.
  15. I think I have an LV addiction too! I bought 2 purses and 2 wallets so far this year but I still want more. I keep telling myself I need one more but its not working out so well. Im constantly thinking about my next purchase. I asked my hubby if we can stop by the LV store today. Lol!