I'm addicted now!

  1. I have been buying Coach for a few years now and the only one who has understood my obsession has been my mother (another Coach fan). But now that I have found this purse forum, I am totally addicted! I catch myself stopping by here to see what others have bought, and just to read what other Coach obsessed women have to say. Thanks for helping me realize that I'm not too crazy!!:yahoo:
  2. Always good to meet a fellow addict and enabler! Welcome!
  3. welcome, welcome!
  4. plzrck...Welcome!
  5. Welcome! :smile:
  6. Glad you're here:yes:....we can always use another Coach addict!
  7. plzrck, welcome!!
  8. Fellow addict here as well. Just waiting for the new stuff to hit the stores, I don't enjoy shopping online as much as walking into the store..the whole Coach experience ya know.
  9. Welcome. Be careful! I thought I was all alone in my obsession until I found tpf . . . Now, not only do I know I'm not alone, but I know if I want someone to help me justify a new bag or accessory, all I have to do is ask for some support from my fellow bag junkies here and, viola, a ton of enabling support comes right to my aid (much to my husband's chagrin!)

    Glad to have you here - it really is a fun board!
  10. Welcome fellow addict.
  11. Welcome! I love this forum, its very addicting but its so fun to see others purchases.
  12. Welcome.
  13. welcome to the forum. can't wait til you share your goodies also!
  14. Welcome!! It's all downhill from here :roflmfao: we do tend to enable!