I'm about to take the plunge! What do you think of the BV on me? :) (a bit long)

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  1. thanks stevie! you're the sweetest! :shame:

    to the rest of the posters, thank you so much! now, i'm getting a bit more excited instead of nervous...:yes:

    what do u guys think about choosing this over the mc eliza?
  2. I agree, without seeing the other bags on you. I think the BV looks great.

  3. I think it looks great on you as well! The BV does have a nice effect of making you look taller too!
  4. thanks bag fetish and twiggers!
  5. The BV looks great on you! It really looked in proportion and that it suits you well (you are too cuteBTW). Hope you enjoy it.
  6. thanks kimmi! i like your name, i wanted raikonnen to win F1! haha.
  7. The BV looks great on you! You should dive in, and GET IT!
  8. heehee! thanks, i guess a little apprehension is ok.. thanks to lovely pf-ers!
  9. I, too love the BV on you. It really suits your frame.
  10. ^thanks bhurry!
  11. i think the BV looks absolutely stunning on ya. continue carrying it with that smile on your face and ya'll be fine (: (: (:
  12. I think the BV looks great on you! I never really thought about this bag (always gravitated towards the Horizontal) but seeing it on you
    makes me think twice! Go for it!:yes:
  13. looks fabulous on you...the PH would also be nice on you and it zips closed...
  14. ^^the PH was nice as well but the bulk of the structured bottom seemed quite a bit awkward at the waist when I wore it on my shoulder... bf said it looks too boxy there as it is almost as thick as my waist from the side... I agreed that it did feel weird and thought that if i get that i might end up carrying it on the crook of my arm which is not good as my 'point' in getting another LV is to have one that I can wear on my shoulder. hehe! But those little gold orbs/balls were so darling!

    thanks milodrinker, frannita, and lvpug! mwahs!
  15. Looks great on you and it's a very practical bag! Loved the pics inside of the store, too.