I'm about to take the plunge! What do you think of the BV on me? :) (a bit long)

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  1. Hi everyone! Been staying at this forum a lot lately as I am about to blow my savings on one LV bag at elux. I really saved up for this one since september and this bag is the bag that will be my last before a purse ban of at least 5 months! (bf is helping a little too btw) hehe.

    So far the only LV items I have are: mono canvas speedy 25, damier speedy 30, 3 LV catalogs (including the thick one with their whole collection) and my latest buy, the panda cles.;)

    I was originally looking to buy a messenger bag (pochette bosphore or pochette melville) for travelling and also since my original budget was $600+ but has since then decided to just get a shoulder bag by adding a bit more. I chose between the BH, BV, and Popincourt haut but liked the BV best when i tried it at the store. And then just hours ago I got this idea that maybe I should get an MC piece and get the eliza.:confused1:

    But then, im thinking i might not fit my stuff there. Plus there are issues of not receiving the color combo i want and the mc chipping which has happened to a friend of mine on her wapity. (They accepted the return after over a month and admitted that it is a frequent defect in this line.):sad:

    So I am now going back to the BV as it is more practical and can hold my laptop (in the future when i am not so apprehensive about its newness anymore) and fashion magazines which i like to carry occasionally.:smile: I even bought the panda for it yesterday coz when i tried it on last week, there was a panda hanging on it and it looked so cute!

    Now the question is, what do you think of my choice? I am quite nervous as I am already gonna hand over my $$$ to my mom for this and I just want to make sure its the perfect one (at least for several months! hehehe)

    Please scroll down this link to see a pic of me carrying the BV at the LV store:

    >>--- Philosophical Style ---<<: Little Julius beats the typhoon + Mallratting friday + Another drinking night out

    I am a size 0 btw, very petite and 24 years old.;)

    Any opinions are most welcome. Thanks a lot everyone!:shame:
  2. I'm confused - the picture shows a Popincourt Haut and a Batignolles Horizontal . . .
  3. ooh, i'm sorry.. below that pic is me with a BV. :smile: The one on the person!
  4. That one I couldn't see - may be my monitor - it was too dark to see you. I think both the Batignolle vertical and horizontal are gorgeous bags. I bought the Horizontal and gave it to my 21 year old daughter because my shoulders slope a bit and it kept sliding off, but it is an absolutely gorgeous bag. I just ordered it for my 16 year old because she was so jealous of my 21 year old. I think either of these bags will be great for you!
  5. I think it looks really good on you!
  6. thanks sabine and charleston mom. :smile: *sigh* I guess I'm just feeling a bit apprehensive about handing all my cash without the bag yet. hehehe. It's just so much cheaper to buy it through elux than to buy it here in manila.
  7. I went to my other computer - it's lovely - I think you will love it!
  8. You know, Eluxury has a great return policy too if you get it and don't love it. I bet you will though!
  9. it looks lovely on you !, you are beautiful !
  10. I think that you look adorable with the BV. It suites you perfectly.
  11. I think it looks really good on you even though you are so petit!!! I say, go for it!!!:yes:
  12. I agree! Looks lovely on you. I think it's a perfect fit. Get it!:yes:
  13. looks fantastic on you!
  14. ^^ suits you perfectly!!
  15. aww.. how sweet of you to check it out in the other comp! thanks so much! you make me miss my mom all the more. (She lives in NY while I am all the way here in manila finishing school. I go there every now and then though):shame:

    That's the thing, it is quite difficult to return it to eluxury as she (my lovely mom) will be the one to get it from elux and ship it to me here. That's why before ordering I always try them on at the local LV first. They're around $950 (in pesos converted) in manila with the import taxes and all! crazy huh?