I'm about to press send :( What should I do?

  1. To make a long story short, I ordered the last Magenta City that Cricket Liverpool had. A month later I never received it and it turns out they got one digit in my postal code wrong so it was returned to sender. They refunded my shipping charges and said once they get it back they will send it to my new address (I just moved).

    I have been waiting for this bag forever! I love it but now since my move I have many unexpected expenses that are really adding up. They offered to cancel the order all together and refund my money, initially I said no but now I'm thinking I should. The other part of me just really wants to see a brand new one in person!

    I wrote them an email asking for a refund and I am about to press send but just cant! What should I do, cancel it or get it and then sell it if I have to?
  2. Ask for the refund. I think if you really wanted the bag, you would not be having these second thoughts.
  3. The second thoughts are about the money I have to spend on things I need vs the money I have to spend on something I really want. I'm trying to be good.

    Had this bag gotten to me in time like it should have, I would already have it in my posession as we speak, no issue. Now this dilemna is thrown at me
  4. note: you will always be able to sell a magenta city at close to retail (especially a new one!) there are not very many that pop up on eBay (4 or 5 this year) - so keep that in mind. but if your expenses outweigh your want- then its not meant to be.
  5. Don't do it specialk! Magenta is getting rare these days, and if you have the chance to own a new one you should definitely go for it! :yes:
  6. I Have a Magenta city and it is just the most amazing color ever! I would get it and if you need to later sell it....
  7. It sounds like you really want the bag, so I say get it, and then if you decide once you get it that you really need the money, you can always sell it. That way you will have no regrets!
  8. Can you sell something else? Maybe another bag? This way you can have the money you need and the magenta city!
  9. How much more than US retail do you have to pay to buy from Cricket? I've always wondered this.
  10. yes, i agree with some of the gals here-don't cancel and wait to receive it. you will not run into problems selling it as she is a desired color. plus, if you wish to keep her after all, you can try to sell one of your other bags.

  11. i say GET it:flowers: , its so hard to find this color in city, and a brand new condition~!!:biggrin: if later you think you don't really need it, then sell it to ME:biggrin: ~~~!!! i :heart: magenta!!!!
  12. GET IT!! You can always sell it, there are plenty of candidats for the bag on this forum :graucho:
  13. hi specialk! you should definitely get it. look at all the discontinued colors selling at a crazy price on ebay! you're lucky to get one at retail. so get it and if you still decide that you can't keep it, then i'm sure you can sell it. :yes:
  14. THis is so hard to pass up. I want to tell you to hold off and not get it, but I just know you will regret it. If there is ANY way you can do this financially, then get magenta. And like everyone said, you can always sell it.
  15. i hope i'm not too late, SpecialK i think you should get it! i mean the girls are right... if you dont get it you'll regret it! plus hard to find colours are selling for HEAPS these days! good luck and please let us know what happens!