I'm about to possibly buy a white bag! HELP!

  1. I think I'm going to buy a white bag~ The Botkier E/W satchel in ecru! I'm scared of it getting dirty! Should I go for it?:shrugs: How do I protect it from getting dirty! Any recommendations????:shrugs:
  2. Try spraying with Apple Garde. That's supposed to help prevent staining.
  3. i just ordered that from eBay! i'll let you know when i get it
  4. To be honest I don't think there is anything that will prevent you from serious staining - even if you use some sprays white is very difficult. Mind you, it is great for summer .....

    you could get another pastel shade that is close to white but less tricky?
  5. I have a Marc Jacobs Stella in the most supple white calfskin with silver hardware. I love it and got so many compliments on it that a few girls I know went out to buy something similar from Coach(price being the prohibitive factor for an MJ purchase for them). Despite having sprayed it with a leather protector, I used it so much the backside that brushes against your clothing as you carry it around became stained by denim. I tried cleaning it myself to no success, even covering it up with those white sneaker "cleaners"(I know, it's a sin). I'm happy to report it is now in pristine condition once more, but only after a hefty cleaning bill(probably equal to purchasing my friends' Coach bags, darn it). The handles and parts near the zipper get dirty easily. I now have it in storage more than on my arm, but love it no less. Ah well, if you love it, you love it. Good luck with your future bag!
  6. My, aren't you brave! I have shied away from white or very light colored handbags for just that reason. Sadly, I have passed up many bags that I would loved to have had. But I'm more of a "fling around" gal when it comes to my bags. That Botkier is a beauty! Let us know what you decide.
  7. I hate to be negative because that Botkier is so nice, but I have to tell you I haven't had much luck with white bags. I had one that turned yellow (well actually a lovely neon yellow-green:wtf: ) and another that was stained by color transfer from my jeans :push:. I've given up on white because I haven't been able to figure out how to keep it clean.
  8. I have a white DKNY bag and my secret to keeping it clean:

    Carrying it only when necessary and when carrying it, carrying it CAREFULLY. And when not carrying it, sticking it back in it's dustbag.

    Seriously. Like I know this is really simplistic, but if you're gonna get a white bag, get it to go with something or plan on not carrying it all the time - like special occassions, with certain outfits or for no more than a few days. If you don't, you're bound to get stains. It's the Murphy's Law thing as pertains to white. :shrugs::shame:

  9. Now that's TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!!:heart:

    Thank you everyone for all your help!

    If I get this bag I may spray it with AG. I will have to do my research!!!
  10. You also have to be careful about color transfer....I saw an off-white/creme MJ Stam bag that a woman was carrying and the whole backside of the bag was blue from her jeans, clothes, etc.

  11. Love your Stella!!! :love:
  12. One of the Balenciagas I like is white.. but I never get white bags because of this. :s
  13. This is such a great question. I have been so close to a cream, winter white or white bag so often and each time I pull back because I just worry about its care. If I could hear about a leather less likely to stain/discolour and/or some strategies to maintain the bags, that would be terrific but sadly it sounds like my fears about pale shades are justified. . . .
  14. I personally wouldn't buy a white designer bag as I don't want to spend that much money and then it looks horrible dirty after a while and it's basically ruined but I would buy a nice white non designer bag for e.g. 100$ and even if this is ruined after one season I'm not so angry because I didn't loose that much money. Good luck with your bag, Zac!:smile:
  15. If you ask really nicely, your shoe repair guy might fix the stains on your purse for you. Usually for not that much either.