I'm about to go LV crazy! +suggestions for a guy

  1. So I don't have any LV right now, just other bags (coach, gucci, some obscure designers). I always admired LV and it's time that I owned some. I've been looking at a few LV pieces that I want before I go on a trip in early March.

    I'm thinking:
    -Damier Olav MM
    -Mono Groom Zippy Organizer (seems perfect for keeping cash/cards/passport/tix all in one place while on a trip somewhere)
    -Mono Simple Card Holder (need one)

    But I want another bag besides this. Maybe I'll get a Keepall, but I really wanted another type of bag that I could just carry around. Maybe the Taiga Kasbek GM tote or even the Whistler Cabas...I saw one in the Chevy Chase, MD store, although I didn't take a close look at it. I do really like the Mono Pochette Gange but I really can't see myself wearing one...it looks a little silly like those wallets people hang around their neck.

    What do you think?
  2. I love my Olav MM and my zippy organizer. Both great bags. Keepall isn't practical for everday, just for travel. Whistler cabas is hot too.

    BTW. Welcome to TPF!
  3. I really like the whistler cabas.
  4. lv is coming out with a minimalistic wallet for men like the portes cartes with a money clip on the back! slim and useful! soon!

    personally, i like the cabas whistler and taiga items for men
  5. The Olav MM is a good choice!!! Although I've heard that the odd shape isn't really practical...

    My suggestions for other LV man-bags:
    -Damier Geant Loup
    -Damier Melville Messenger
    -Bosphore Messenger GM

    As for the Porte Cartes Simple, I would get something that actually has a flap... if you overstuff the card holder, it'll look overstretched and funky... :s Suggestions for card holders:

    Louis Vuitton
    Card Holder

    Louis Vuitton
    Credit Card Holder

    Louis Vuitton
    Pocket Organizer
  6. The groom zippy is gorgeous! A keepall would be great as well- definitely a staple. The Innsbruck Cabas and Carryall are beautiful as well.
    Innsbruck Cabas $2,370.jpg Innsbruck Carryall A $4,450.jpg
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I think it was actually the Innsbruck Cabas that caught my eye (they probably had a Whistler too). So maybe that or also I was looking at the Tobago Carryall, either that or the Tobago Keepall 50 in yellow. We'll see, those are last season, so maybe I should just forget about those ones.

    I looked at a few Taigas and honestly they're too plain for my taste. Although in certain situations I believe understatement is better.

    Only thing I'm sure about is the Zippy Organizer, I love the green interior on that thing!
  8. I like Damier Olav, Keepall & Mono Groom Zippy Org.
  9. I really do like the odd shape of the Olav with the pockets that 'go in'. It's so unique. Although I was disappointed that they don't make the GM anymore; I tend to go for BIG bags.

    As for the card wallet, if all I need is my Platinum card and my ID, it would suit my needs. ;)
  10. Wow I had no idea LV made an Innsbruck Carryall. A little too much $ for one bag. That Innsbruck Cabas is HOT though.
  11. They also have a few Men's S/S bags coming out on Feb. 15th:
    Men's SS '07.jpg
  12. WOW are you serious? This is from the SS/07 runway show? :wtf: That Floral keepall looks insane, love it! I'd like to see that and the Kangaroo sac plat in person. Somehow I doubt they'll have one over here in DC, might have to go to a bigger LV store in New York. Thanks for posting that.
  13. Ok I just called the LV NY store and I may just have to go up there to raid what's left of their f/w 06 ready to wear collection before it's gone! :nuts: Some of those jackets I love!!!