I'm about to cry

  1. ....GAH! I HATE EBAY!!!

    Almost a month ago, I bought a Apple Macbook on eBay. The seller is pretty reputable... they're a power seller. I felt comforted in the fact that they have high feedback and they give you contract numbers to reach them at. So I went ahead and bought the item.
    I paid with a check.. :rant:
    I've called these people everyday for the past couple of weeks, leaving messages EVERYDAY. STILL, no call back. The one time they did answer, they've promised ship the item with overnight shipping on Monday... it's FRIDAY... I have YET to recieve it!
    I want my refund!
    Today I sent a letter detailing the transaction situation and demanding a refund.
    I've also called about a dozen times.
    What else should I do?? :shrugs:

    Any type of help would be appreciated here, especially if you've gone through this.
    I'm seriously on the brink of tears. :crybaby: That's $1000 of mine they have!! :censor:
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  3. Uhm, you've got to report this to ebay immediately. Unfortunately you're SOL because you paid with a check. Ebay will at most refund you $200 (yeah, they're known to screw buyers - that's why you always pay with a credit card so you can report the fraud to the credit card company and they'll issue a chargeback).
  4. No, she paid with a check. BIG mistake.
  5. Sorry that happened to you. How long has it been? If you haven't received your item yet especially after 30 days, I would call my bank and file a dispute with them.
  6. OMG! $1000? And it was paid by check. Unfortunately it sounds like you may have to get a copy of the cancelled check and take the A@* H#@~* to court. Many hugs to you and lots of luck. Man this really urks me!
  7. Oh, no. What happens when you call?
  8. She can still call her bank and file a dispute through them after 30 days at most banks.
  9. Oh sorry, I missed the part where you said you paid by check.

    Call your bank immediately. I'm not sure what they can do at this point, but it's worth a shot!
  10. Where are the sellers located?
  11. In the three weeks of this mess, they've only answered the phone twice... They answered when I called to see if they received my check, they said they did, and it cleared, and would ship my item the first week of July.
    Since then, they haven't answered their phone at all. I've called consistaintly for the last TWO WEEKS. Last Friday, they did answer however. They told me that since they recieved two fraduant checks, they needed all their buyers to fill out this "Anti-Fraud" contract. I told them that was riduclous since they already HAVE my money and I had been waiting for two weeks for my item. They said when they got the contract, they'd send me my Macbook.
    I sent the contract last Friday. The post offcie assured me they'd get it on Monday. The seller told me he'd ship my item with overnight shipping the DAY he received the stupid contract... I have yet to get my Mac!
    I'm going to keep calling them, over and over today... I dont know what else to do at this point!
  12. That includes a $25 processing fee, so you're only getting back $175.

    As for the OP:

    I really don't know how to help you. As you know, I'm kind of in the same situation, except for my dad paid with Paypal and Amex. I still haven't contacted AMEX (I'm still waiting on the card number), but possibly you could contact your bank??

    Did they provide a delivery confirmation number? If so, go to your local post office and check to see if it had ever been shipped out. If they say no, ask to have that in writing.

    File for mail fraud - that's what this is. You paid, they said they shipped, but they didn't.
  13. I talked to my bank a little while ago...they said since the money has already left my account, they can't do anything.
    I'm going to call again and ask them about the suggestion you all have made.

    I feel sick to my stomach.
  14. Is this considered mail fraud in any way? That way you can get the Postal Inspector involved. Crap I feel so bad for you.
  15. I won the item on June 26th.

    I'm not too sure about the whole mail fraud thing. The seller hasn't sent me the shipping information as promised, so I'm not sure what to do.