I'm about to break my ban for...

  1. a Bubble Ring!


    not too bad huh?

    I HAVE to have one!

    Help me choose which color to get!!!


    Thanks everyone!
  2. OMG! Those rings are the cutest aren't they? I'm glad you're getting one!

    I'd get Framboise.. :biggrin:
  3. Rose!!!! -- it is such a great color.
  4. rose!
  5. I love the Framboise..I have that one and the clear. The Framboise is the prettiest of the two pinks because it's the darkest.
  6. Here are mine:
  7. Thanks for the pics Rebecca! Now I HAVE to get one! SO sexy!
  8. Framboise
  9. Rebecca, you have such pretty hands!
  10. Hottest pic award. :p
  11. Agree! :yes:
  12. Those are too cute on you Rebecca! I like the Framboise
  13. get the framboise
  14. I like the clear one, it goes with everything
  15. Def. get the Framboise!

    OT, Rebecca, you have nice nails :biggrin: