I'm about ready to throttle my temp!! (long)

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  1. So I recently started a new position where all the admin staff of the office report to me, including the receptionist, who is a temp. With quite the attitude, I might add.

    She has been very abrupt with me ever since I started two weeks ago. She does not accept direction well and is just plain rude.

    She apparently has decided that it is okay for her to simply inform my admin assistant when she needs to leave early for the day and informs my assistant that she will have to cover the reception desk for her. She does not ask. She simply informs.

    So yesterday I approached her and very nicely explained that as we are short staffed (50% of my admin staff are currently away) and that my assistant's workload has increased substantially as a result, that while it most often will not be a problem should she need to leave early, I needed her to check with me as early in the day as possible as my assistant may not always be able to cover due to her own workload.

    The whole time I'm explaining this to her she is looking down with a sour look on her face picking at her nails. She then abruptly looks up at me and tells me in the rudest way possible "When I have to leave early it is mandatory that I do so and it is NOT negotiable!"

    I then asked her if that was arranged via her contract with the temp agency and she snapped "No!". So I left it at that and I decided to deal with the temp agency directly.

    So today I delegate a task to her, as is my job. She says to me, rudely as ever, "didn't X as YOU to do this?" And I replied "no, X asked me to have this done and suggested you may enjoy this project."

    I then hear her approach X and say "Did you tell YZ to tell me to do this?" blatantly questioning my authority.

    I have pretty much had it with this temp. And the rest of the office, less one associate director, feels the same way.

    Her agency seems to think her attitude will improve if she is given more work to do and has less down time.

    I don't know that I'm interested in giving this any more time and my assistant is at her wits end with this woman.

  2. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this nonsense at your new job!! Wonder if there's jealousy/resentment, like maybe she thinks she should've gotten your job??

    Anyway, she didn't so she either has to deal professionally or has to go.

    Confirming she's a temporary employee, employed by an agency and placed at your company, correct?

    If you want to give her another (FINAL) chance, I highly recommend you speak with her and with her temp agency contact/supervisor making it very clear that she is expected to do X,Y,Z and other assorted tasks as delegated and if she cannot or will not do this, you will terminate her assignment at your company.

    She may not care since she sounds immature and passive-aggressive but perhaps her agency contact will since if she's not placed, they're not making money, KWIM?

    Maybe I'm just old and jaded but seriously, if a warning is discussed with her and the agency and her behavior does not subsequently improve, she is not an employee with your company and can be removed at any time. You and your assistant and others should not have to suffer with her poor attitude and insubordination and put time into trying to "improve" the situation if it's clear it's not going to happen.

    She is not an employee of your company and unless the agency's contract reads something out of the ordinary, you have the right to remove her and bring on a new temp.
  3. Oh my goodness, I used to temp in college. I would never behave like this. A lot of temp employees are looking to get hired permanently, but certainly not with this kind of attitude. How long is she contracted to be there? I would call and demand someone else, or tell the agency that you will not be using its services in the future (I'm assuming you have the authority to make this decision).
  4. ^^^ ditto
  5. What's with her attitude? :wtf: Can't she be at least civil since she's there for a JOB. I'm sorry but its too irritating when this kind of coworker's attitude add stress in the office.
  6. That's an easy fix...one phone call to the agency and Miss Thing and her 'Tude are outta there. OY.
  7. Abso-effin-lutely. You do NOT need to go through any of the disciplinary verbal warning/written up steps with her since she is a temp. A phone call is all it takes and buh bye. :yes:
  8. Yes, she is a temp worker placed through an agency and she is not contracted for any length of time so I can terminate immediately if I choose to. That is what I have to decide - whether or not I give her another chance.

    The price you pay for temp employees is astronomical as the agency takes their fair share and we certainly not getting our money's worth.

    I may be filling this position with a permanent employee but it is too soon to make that decision but if her attitude does not take a 180 degree turn, she won't be around much longer and I'll get another temp.
  9. Oh I know that very well. I just have to decide if I want to see if she will improve.

    She was informed late today by "X" (the person she asked if they told me to give her the task) that she reports to, and takes direction from, me, in case that wasn't already clear.

    I leave for Vegas on Thursday so don't think any of this will be settled until I get back.
  10. ^^ Make that call to get her arse yanked sooner than later. Your permanent employees need to see you send a clear message that her attitude...ESPECIALLY as a temp, will not be tolerated.
  11. Having worked with people like this, I can tell you with no uncertainty that this person is causing your staff to feel that you favor her. If you let her get away with what she is doing, their opinion of you and anyone else above this girl will suffer; spineless is the word that comes to mind. You need to get rid of her immediately.
  12. My staff don't think that at all. Of this I am 100% certain. And I am not spineless, but thanks for your input.
  13. oh heLL to the no she didnt!
  14. Why is this woman still working there? She and her attitude need a reality check. There are so many people with a better attitude that would take that job. Good luck and hope it gets resolved soon!
  15. How she has lasted this long I do not know. I've only been there two weeks but I will not stand for this.