I'm a total germaphobe and it's driving me NUTS!!!

  1. I'm seriously driving myself crazy. Last friday, my aunt, uncle, and three cousins came down with a violent 24 hour stomach virus. They came over for Christmas Eve dinner at my grandmother's house and I KNEW they were going to get everybody sick. Nobody listened to me. I stayed away as much as I could and advised my family to do the same..they really didn't listen to me. So come Christmas morning, my other three cousins that were there had gotten the virus. My grandparents went over to my aunt and uncles house for Christmas dinner and come this morning, THEY were sick. I'm thinking we're all in the clear but it's bothering me so much that I'm getting huge cystic acne nodules all over my chin. I can't stop thinking about it, and every time I do, my heart starts to race and I get panicky.

    I think it's because my birthday is the 29th of this month and EVERY Christmas I pick something up from my family at Christmas Eve dinner. My birthday is almost always spent sick in bed and I'm just so frustrated. This is the first year in a long time that I'm not sick and I have a great dinner planned the night of my birthday. I want to stay well.

    It seems like this virus takes hold very quickly---within hours most likely. So if I'm not sick now I don't think I will be. Nobody in my family has come down with it either. I'm just driving myself crazy. My blood pressure must be through the roof. Any tips on how to keep myself sane and stop being such a germaphobe? I also have a fear of throwing up (haven't since I was 10. I'm 22 now), so I think that kind of contributes to my fears as well.
  2. awww, laurenashley. Maybe try taking a bath, yoga, or light some candles and chill.....It really sucks to be around sick people---esp the stomach virus. I am a preschool teacher and whenever a parent calls their child in sick I go crazy disinfecting my classroom! And washing my hands. Same when one of my kids says one of their classmates has been sick, or worse threw up in the classroom---YUCK---I imediately order them to wash their hands---if I could Lysol them or myself I would!
    Good luck and I hope you stay healthy! Think healthy thoughts......:p
  3. I just ate some food off of the floor. FYI.

  4. LMAO, I kinda do that sometimes....I'm only a germaphobe when people around me are sick. Any other time I don't care. KILL ME NOW!!!! :push:
  5. I'm probably just like you but worse so I understand. Although I don't get panicky when people around me are sick, I just try not to be close enough to them for them to breathe on me. I bring sanitizer everywhere with me (even though I'm strongly skeptical those things really kill 99.9% of germs and such as they claim). But anyhow, I have one for each purse so it appeases my paranoia. I hardly get sick. I try to hold my breath when sick people (those with the flu/cold) are close by and keep my distance enough not to be rude, and carry sanitizer around. I guess you can do the same and see if it helps.
  6. Yes, when I'm around sick people at work or other places I just make extra sure I don't touch my face at ALL and wash my hands frequently. Doorknobs, drawer pulls, phones, elevator buttons, you name it...all trap germs!
  7. All you really need to do is wash your hands before you eat, and keep your hands away from your face, especially eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, where germs enter. Then you should be fine.

    I don't blame you for being upset! However, don't let the thoughts consume you. There really isn't anything you can do about it if you get sick, and don't be afraid if you have to throw up, you will be fine. I was sick and throwing up on Christmas night. It isn't pleasant, but nothing to be fearful of.

    Just allow yourself to relax. Do things to keep your mind off of it. The thing is, by thinking about it so much, you are making yourself sick! If it happens, it happens, but just make sure you wash your hands... use hot, soapy water for about 15 seconds to kill germs and that will do the trick.
  8. I totally understand, Lauren. Trying not to succumb to all the media hype, my family didn't take any extra H1N1 precautions. But when an entire family in our neighborhood fell ill to swine flu and two of their kids went to the hospital, we started to lean towards the germaphobe way of life. My husband went to germtools.com and bought all sorts of things I had never heard of (UV sanitizing wands, tootbrush sanitizer). Now, we use this stuff fanatically around the house. With young children, you need to be careful...and germaphobic.