I'm a soggy mess but my LVs are dry

  1. We had just an awful morning commute here in NYC. Torrential downpours, subway flooding, etc. I couldn't subject an LV to that, so today's bag of choice was a Betsey Johnson that I got at her last sample sale for $50. Today's outfit would have looked a lot better with my Love 2 tote. Anyone else leave their LVs home today?
  2. i left mine home, but i always do in the summer!
    i dont think my bags are up to sandy beaches, melting popsicles, getting splashed or any other form of summer.
  3. I only brought my wallet.
  4. I was in NYC 2 weeks ago, caught in a day-long deluge....I had planned to bring my fuschia baggy GM, but that $12 Kmart nylon bag kept my stuff dry.
    Thank God b/c I'm sure if I had worn it, It would surely be damaged. They even closed the top of the Empire state that day !!!!
  5. today I am using a juicy bag with my LV wallet.
  6. For a change the sun is out in the UK today, but my LV's aren't.
  7. we hardly ever see rain here in los angeles
    I'm using chanel lady braid today
  8. As soon as I saw the thread name I knew this had to be about NYC! I was there all summer and carried two dustbags and a Marc Jacobs shopping bag inside of whatever LV bag i was wearing, so that if it caught me, I'd be prepared...:tup::yes:

    Subway flooding you say!!? That's crazy. I must have gotten out before it really got bad (came back to FL last saturday).:yahoo:

  9. Why weren't they out? :O I took my Speedy out in the sun today :smile:
  10. *I just read about new york in the GD section I'm happy to hear your safe
  11. Glad you're safe and dry, restricter!!
  12. Nope, HAD to use my white epi alma and azure organizer today! She's totally making my day! sorry!
  13. I was in NYC today and instead of taking the damn subway and seeing all those confused people I just walked. I did not take LV today because I wasn't sure how the weather would hold up. I took my burberry today and he carried my laptop and junk.
  14. nope, no rain here in san francisco. :smile: and i have yet to get my first LV. still using coach now.
  15. It's been so nasty out here these past few days. Luckily I stayed home so no subway torture.