I'm a sick puppy.

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  1. I am new to the tokidoki addiction but have managed to amass quite a collection in just under 3 weeks. How can I say NO to more than half off the retail price???

    So why am I a sick puppy?

    Because for my job I telecommute so for the most part have very little reason to go out. So I have very little reason to actually use my bags. Instead I end up taking them out and just *looking* at them.

    Is anyone else a sick puppy like me?
  2. LOL, im sorry to say this dreams of toki- but you are preaching to the choir. We are all a little :nuts: here over tokidoki. so to us, you are "normal" LOL
  3. I think it depends on how you look at it. I have collected 3 bags, 1 necklace, a hoodie, a wallet & a media case in less than a month! And...I want two more bags right away! I think you are not alone.:shame:
  4. I work from home as well. So I know what you mean. I don't get out much myself working all day. But I still enjoy my bella since I go out and run errands with that bag. My other two Tokis I'll only be able to use once in a while for my son's stuff or when I go in onsite every once in awhile.

    The prints cheer me up! So no you are not crazy! Enjoy them! :p
  5. I too work from home and when I'm in the home office, I have one of my toki purses with me!! One day I was wearing my purse in the apt & my BF is like, "Where are you going?" To which I replied, "To the office! Duh, everyone knows that a girl needs her purse in the office with her!" He just looked at me and :rolleyes: . So you are not nutz...we are all a little :wacko: here!! Welcome to the addiction!! :graucho:
  6. Well, whenever I get a new bag I try to make some rounds in places where people might know tokidoki and be jealous.

    That's pretty sick too.
  7. That's funny! Although I guess I should talk my bella is nearby in plain view while I work. He! He! :p
  8. heehee i wish i could get it half off like you (so i could have more)....but i bought them most close to the retail value or the retail value here (not the States which is cheaper)...but oh well its still good at least i get my toki fix! :biggrin:
  9. I told my hubby that maybe subconsciously I want to go more places since I'm buying all these bags? I hang my ciao ciao up in the foyer on the door just so I can look at it on the days I'm not leaving the house!
  10. Dont worry, you will be using them....going 2 the grocery store, mall, dry cleaning, or a simple walk! Just find a reason to go out and use them.....or, they do make beautiful decorations for your closet like mine. :smile:
  11. Yes, you are a normal toki addict! I have to be quite thankful I am in Asia right now. If not, I would've bought EVERY single bag on sale. I'm so :nuts: into toki that I have even called a lot of stores in the US just to find out what's on sale! LOL!
  12. Last night I had a dream about the angiletto I just bought on e-bay.

    Hi, my name is Amber. I'm a tokidoki addict!
  13. Man, wish I'd had a dream about tokidoki. I dreamt that my cousin turned into a zombie.
  14. :death: :death: :death: :death: :death:
    you just made me think of Shaun of the Dead. I love that movie :smile:
  15. Me too! It's great.

    I actually was dreaming about zombies for a totally extra random reason -- I watched Lappy 486 that last night!