I'm a proud mother!

  1. I've been waiting for this day (no pun intended) for a while.. and finally I have my new baby 06blueberry day. I took her out today and here are some pics I love her!!:heart:

    PS: my bf and I named her Balina Berry. I am such a loser lol..:p

    sorry if the pictures are huge this is my first picture post
    IMG_1916.JPG IMG_1917.JPG IMG_1918.JPG IMG_1930.JPG IMG_1929.JPG
  2. :yahoo:OMG!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!!:yahoo: It's GORGEOUS!!!:heart:(and you are so pretty!). I love the day style so much too!!! CONGRATS!!!!:smile::smile::smile:
  3. The bag looks great on you. Congrats :smile: i love the color
  4. I love your bag, congrats! You look fantastic with her, rockin' it!!!!
  5. OH WOW!! You look so happy! (duh!) but congrats!!!
  6. it looks great on you! congratulations on your new bag!! :smile:
  7. Gorgeous! Love the leather. You are totally rocking that bag.
  8. Love it! congrats!
  9. Congratulations!
  10. So nice, I use my Blueberry first all the time. I find the color to be very flexible, so it goes with so many outfits.
  11. I love the color...Congrats!!
  12. You look great with your blueberry day. Blueberry is such a beautiful color. I love your bag charm, too!
  13. So pretty! You are too!
  14. Looks really great on you!!! :yahoo:Congrats!
  15. Woohoo! Congrats! It is GORGEOUS!