I'm a patent freak..

  1. i checked my most recent purchases.. all are PATENT..i think it's kinda enough for me.. :p

    manolo red kirby
    alexander mcqueen lilac slingback
    prada military mary jane..
    manolo-kirby-1-1.jpg mcqueen-heels-1-1.jpg mcqueen-heels-2-1.jpg prada-military-1-1.jpg prada-military-2-1.jpg
  2. Love the McQueens! Very nice, subtle pink.

    Patent will be around forever!
  3. Billbill, I remember you from a chloe thread awhile back? I love those green Prada!
  4. OMG! Lovely shoes! I love patent too!
  5. I love patent ever since I was a little girl. GREAT purchases!
  6. thanks ladies.. :smile:
    the prada is 4.5" and my feet hurts after wearing it for the whole day.. sure my practise is needed..
  7. I LOVE PATENT! they are so sexy!!
  8. Love the shoes! Now I think you need a patent handbag :smile:
  9. Recently I've noticed I only look at patent and nothing else. I'm starting to like them a lot.