I'm a newbie to Coach - Do you love this Bleeker?

  1. I've bought only one Coach item before and that was from the Legacy range. Surprisingly the SA sent me an invite to the launch of the new Bleeker leathers, and I think I'm in love with this patchwork, but still in 2 minds as to whether I'd use it enough. Just to get a feel from Coach lovers, do you love it? :smile:
    shhhhh, don't tell the LVers, hehe.


  2. Welcome!! :tup: I am not a fan of any bleecker I have seen, definately including that one.. but the main thing is if YOU love it, then that is what matter, cause' you will wear it!!! Good Luck! ;)
  3. I love that bag. Sure it has a lot of colors, but they are muted tones that won't clash with anything. I don't usually like patchwork styles, but this one is special.

  4. I like it! If you love it then definitely go for it!!
  5. Oh dear, I see these 2 on the Japanese site and prefer the lighter patchwork colours instead. Hmm...though I wonder if there's choices in the different placements of the patchwork patterns...gotta go and check out the range at the store again!

  6. I personally think this bag is fugly and I love coach it looks like some cheap purse you can get at the good will. Not that I am nocking shopping at the good will. If you like it and it fits you then get it! Everyone has differnt taste.
  7. I own an original COACH Duffle in the bottle green, from years ago. So I wasn't that interested in the newer duffles, eventhough they have more interior organization.

    But since I've seen this leather patchwork IRL, I've been intrigued. I don't go for most of the patchworks, but this one is all-leather, and that's a rarity for COACH (no signature or suede!). The only negative about this bag for me is the fit. It sits away from my body too much at the hips, and the strap is too short to wear crossbody. But I really like this bag and I might put my accessories inside to see if it fits differently. I haven't ruled it out, it's a nice bag.

    Try it on in the store. If you love it, consider buying it!
  8. Somehow this patchwork design reminds me of bags I've seen when I was much much younger. I don't think they were designer bags at all. Not really too thrilled with this one.
  9. I'm usually on the Hermes side, but I've never lost my appreciation for Coach (I'm thinking of the Bleecker large Flap this fall.) I love the patchwork bag-I think it's going to be one of those limited edition classics. The last few Coach bags I've bought in the higher price ranges have been unbelieveably well-made.
  10. I'm not a fan of any of the Bleeker items, but a lot of people seems to really like them. If you like/love it and have the funds (see, I'm being a sensible enabler here *lol*), I say "doooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" :woohoo:
  11. Sorry, Im not a fan of any of the Bleeker collection especially these. But if you love them thats what matters.
  12. I personally dont like the Bleeker duffles, mainly because they are HUGE!!! I felt like I could put my 4-year-old in one of them!!!! But I'm only 5" so maybe that is why. The only Bleeker I like is the one I just got - the large flap. I got it in Brown/brown sig, but its nice in all materials - including the patchwork on you posted above. I also think these bags look nicer in the leather/material mix, it just works for this style in my opinion. I'm sure whatever you decide will be lovely on you, though!
  13. Thanks for the input folks! I haven't seen it IRL yet, was intrigued and went looking online :smile: Will definitely have to try it on before I decide.
  14. I had an orginal duffle in the 80's. Not a fan of this line so much. I saw it atthe store today and I wasn't impressed.