Im a "NEWBIE" to CHANEL. Would LOVE you opinions!


Which Chanel will it be

  1. medallion caviar in black

  2. medium cambon in black

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  1. Yep,:yes: a "brand newbie" to Chanel. I have never owned one. So to all of my great PF girlies, could you please help me choose between the ~black medallion Caviar~ (I think I like best right now) and the ~black medium cambon tote~ PLEASE:love: . I would so love to see pics.of yours and why one is better than the other. Your input will decide for me:graucho:
  2. I voted Medallion between the 2, but I still prefer the Grand Shopping Tote for the same $$
    I couldn't really get my wallet in/out of the medallion w/o a fight! LOL!
  3. I agree. I love the Grand Shopping Tote. The medallion tote wasn't big enough for me.
  4. Ah heck:shame: , really?? I know you and I both have the LV BH, I think its just a little too large, any comparrison in size?

    Why arent you on the beach, soaking up the sun with a yummy tropical drink?:shrugs: :lol: Still there??:graucho:
  5. The cambon is less structure and the medallion is more stiff.
    Both are great choices, you really can't go wrong :smile:
  6. Hard choice. To me the medallion tote is classy and the cambon is a little more trendy/hip. As Vixy stated, both are really good choices.
  7. Thanks girls for your opinions. I really appreciate it!!
  8. Caviar is the way to go for your first chanel. It will last longer
  9. I absolutly love them both. I only have cambon right now but that's only because it is a little more casual but & adore the medallion tote as well! You will love either or both!
  10. Do you girls ever watch "The Hills"? I know Im a dork. Any way, Lauren got one from her BF for Christmas, she wears it with everything from eveningwear (which I never wear LOL!!) to jeans and tanks! I LOVE IT!!!
  11. I'm still in the Bahams!!!:supacool: the sun is hoooootttt! Gotta take a break!

    okay, the Grand shopping tote is similar in size to the BH, check out the petit one, it's smaller but still SOOOOO practical! :yes: There's some pics around here somewhere!
  12. :yes: :yes:
    I LOVE the Medallion, don't get me wrong! But the zipper on top is pretty structured - doesn't give much. I carry a big wallet {checkbook sized w/ zipper} and I had to force it in and then perform surgery in the Chanel boutique to get it back out! LOL!:lol:
  13. ranskimmie, hi! I was in the same dilemma as you. I couldn't decide between these two bags. but I finally decided on the Medium Cambon. I have it in the black/white. This was my first Chanel handbag purchase and I received it last Monday. I've attached a picture. I decided on this one because I wanted something I know I'd use all the time. I've wanted one of these since they came out. I couldn't have made a better choice for myself. It is so versatile and I've already gotten so many compliments on it. I want another tote with a diff look so I may get the Medallion white next!

    Let us know what you decide on1
  14. Thanks staceyy!! Your new Chanel looks great on you. So does everyone here have Chanel wallets to go with their bags, or do you just use whatever?? Sometimes Im a little to anal when it comes to matching bags and wallet, so I thought I'd see what you guys use:upsidedown:
  15. Hey! I was watching "The Hills" today and noticed the Medallion Tote that Lauren has. I LOVE it!!!! Yes, she wears it with everything and it looks awesome!!!! So, I'd definitely go with the Medallion Tote out of those two. Keep in mind, however, that not everyone can wear that bag as a shoulder bag. For example, I couldn't (even though I am on the smaller side) but Lauren in "The Hills" could. You just have to try it on first!

    I don't usually match my wallet with my bags but I do have a small black Chanel wallet that fits into my Classic Flap bag, which makes me want to use that bag almost every day now (unlike before, when I had to empty my wallet and put it into the flap).

    Anyway, I voted for the Medallion Tote!

    P.S. The pics of the wallet are below!
    CC wallet 1.1.JPG CC wallet 5.1.JPG