I’m a newbie she old but lovley

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  1. 33D1F412-D551-46AF-9C12-409A323A0AA5.jpeg 91CC0704-8C79-44E5-B216-ABCBC55601D1.jpeg 0761D674-2FCE-405B-9B4C-CC7E31D510DD.jpeg 2008E0C1-A3C7-4636-BE9E-9D32C805AF8C.jpeg 63B2C67B-99CE-406F-A679-07291FA23584.jpeg BB960861-861A-44C4-A7E9-10596CE561BF.jpeg B3AECF50-BDE2-4DF7-9E9E-729025B3CEDF.jpeg Hi everyone!
    i was directed here for the great content and assistance.
    i just purchased my Vintage speedy 35 she needs some love
    IE new zipper and pull.
    the canvas is in excellent condition but there is expected wear on the vachetta any thought on how to may be even this out or for cleaning or zip repair cost
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  2. That vachetta is in pretty bad shape. I recently replaced all exterior vachetta on my Speedy 30 and it was around $550.
  3. Congratulations! It's beautiful. I bought a Speedy 25 from 1990 and it needed it's vachetta to be cleaned really well. I watched a few YouTube videos from "Little Mamma's House" and she had several great tips and tricks on how to rehab LV bags. I went into it with the attitude that if I could clean her up, then great. And if I couldn't, then I would replace the vachetta. Before and after... Before.jpg After.jpg

  4. You did a fantastic job! Do you mind sharing your process? It looks so good.
  5. beauitful!!
  6. Congrats on your new bag !!!!:yahoo: It's always so exciting getting a new bag and Louis Vuitton can be sooooooo addicting! Congrats and good luck with your new addiction!
  7. Congrats!
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