im a newbie! plz help!

  1. fake, wrong zippers and the leather is wrong.
  2. Bagwhore83, welcome to tPF. Start posting girl. =)
    BTW, we are asked to post this type of question in Authenticate This thread. Since this is your first post, mods will be kind & move it there for you later (I am not a mod so can't move for you). =)
  3. thanks baglovers! oops, didnt know that i had to post it there :Push: ... thanks for your help tho, my sister has the elise and the leather is wrinkly, cant believe i didnt notice on the bowler... i jus looked at her feedback and buyers have said they received authentic MJ bags... anyway, will start posting more often!
  4. Ooops, in the future please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! stickies provided in each Forum.