I'm a newbie going Coach shopping! Where should I go in MA??

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  1. So I got a pretty fantastic new job, major pay raise, so I've decided to treat myself. (I have the DH's approval of course! ;))

    So I'm buying my first official bag, the Carly in black leather:yahoo:

    So here's my question. I'm new to MA and have limited access to the boutiques (no car) and absolutely no way to get to the outlets. I can fairly easily get to the Rockingham Mall store, or I can hoof it into Boston via the rail and visit the Copley store.

    So those TPF'ers that are local, which boutique do you like best? Should I definitely buy my first bag from the boutique or should I pick it up online?

    Since I'm practically a coach "virgin" shouldn't my first experience be at the boutique? Anyhoo feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated :smile:

    Lol thanks in advance guys!!

    :heart: Kay
  2. well i would rent a car and drive to the outlets, definatly worth it!! sorry idk about MA stores though
  3. Hi and welcome! I love the boutique in the Rockingham mall and you can't beat the no tax! I love the leather Carly so she is a great choice as a first bag. Make sure you post pics when you get her!!!
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    The black leather Carlys are now at the outlets, and you'll save yourself some major money buying one there. If you can figure out how to get one from there, that would be your best bet.

    ETA: The black Carlys at the outlet are the ones with brass hardware, silver hardware is now what's at the boutique. So if you want brass, you can save money at the outlet
  5. there is an outlet in wrentham mass, near bellingham.. if you can get there...
  6. I've only ever been to the Copley one but the leather carlys are appearing at outlets almost half off of retail. IMO it would be worth trying to get to an outlet. Maybe you could carpool with someone? The Kittery outlet is only about 45 mins away and the Wrentham one would only be like a little over an hour I think.
  7. I definitely want the Carly with the silver accents, I'm not a fan of the brass to be honest (thanks Lauti!). I've been trying to get my friend to go shopping with me at the outlets but our schedules hasn't worked out yet.

    I totally forgot about no tax in NH! Lol. Thanks ashdir103104! I think that solves my dilemma right there ;)
  8. If you are gonna purchase at a boutique, then definitely go to one in one of the malls in either Salem or Nashua, NH. I have shopped at both and there is no sales tax in NH! You definitely need to get to an outlet though. The one in Wrentham, MA is pretty good.
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys!! I love this Forum!!

  10. I am dying to go to one of the boutiques! If any of you locals are going sometime, I'd happily pay gas if I can tag along! ;)
  11. If you feel like going into a boutique, I'm a big fan of the Copley one ;)
  12. Boutique -Burlington Mall or Copley Place; outlet -- by far--Wrentham, MA. Lee is pretty good too. If you are on the north shore, then Kittery, ME is close.

    Coachie from Danvers, MA
  13. Copley boutique is really nice they have everything. Burlington and Peabody are good too......but you can't beat NH with no sales tax.