I'm a newbie and need your advice

  1. I am about to start my handbag collection (I don't know how this has passed me by.....another day....). I would love suggestions on bags that you all would recommend.
    I am a 50 year old attorney. I want my first purchase to be a daytime purse that I can use when I go out to lunch, etc. (I carry a briefcase everyday). I am thinking of a black Chanel, classic flap, medium. Other suggestions?
    How about weekend purse suggestions?
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Welcome! Re: the Chanel you mention--I saw someone the other day with that very bag and it is stunning "in action".

    Weekday, you could use a non-logo LV (Suhali or Epi), some of the classic Guccis; is Hermes in your budget? They would be a quality choice.

    Weekend--are you thinking of a casual bag? I'm known around here as a Bottega Veneta fan and one of their woven hobos or ball bags would be a superb weekend bag.

    Good luck!