I'm a Muse owner!

  1. Hi all-

    Fairly new to this forum but I've been lurking for a bit as I was mulling over taking the plunge to buy a Muse, and which one. Well I found a great deal on Bluefly and got the large in black! And now it's here. I was so excited to get the package. I have a couple questions. I usually spray my bags and shoes with a leather protectant spray before use. Should I do the same or get something special? Do I need any kind of leather conditioner? Also, there's a couple of creases from being stuffed in the packing box, any suggestions on how to smooth those out? Thanks in advance!
  2. Congrats on your new muse!!!
    The creases will probably smooth out as you carry your bag around with stuff inside. I personally don't treat the leather on my YSL bags (I have on other bags) because I find their leather to be very durable. I bet other ladies on this forum will have good leather treatment recommendations for you.
  3. Congrats! Muse is an awesome bag. Hope you love it.