Im a Mum again - Raisin 35 Birkin - D.O.B: 19/01/08

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I saw a delivery van drive pass my office window. Im thinking "It cant be mine, its not monday yet". Knock! Knock!! Ms Huiying pls.. OHhhhh!! Heart go bumpin thumping skipping... Signed for it and RIPPED open the parcel.. Not the best pictures. I dont want the whole office to know. Ohh..and.. Its not as big as i thought it would be.
    candace117 pls enjoy, i know how much you adore raisin.


  2. Congrats on such a beautiful baby... she's delish. I love raisin. Yum.
  3. ^^^ Thank you!

    I thought i should share this. A friends Mousse Ostrich 30. :drool:Enjoy!!
  4. Okay okay last pic i swear! My New Violet LV Zippy Wallet to match my new bag.
  5. Oooh've been busy! Congrats X 3!!!
  6. Last last LAST!! My Violet babies from Balenciaga. LOL!

  7. Gorgeous bag! congrats and I love your other pieces of purple.
  8. Yes, I officially fainted and just woke up, that's why I'm posting now!!!

    I LOVE the LV violette vernis...though amarante is my fave. But wow the violette is kind of the same color as my maybe I should get one of those too...heehee!

    LOVE the birkin, it looks so beautiful...please model it sometime :smile: Thanks for thinking of me too ;) I DID enjoy this immensely :heart:
  9. She's so pretty, congrats!
  10. Congrats chpwhy - enjoy her.

    I must say it's rather lovely togo, may I ask what year is it?
  11. Congratulations on your baby and your Birkin! :heart:
  12. Congrats chpwhy!! She's gorgeous, and I'm totally drooling over that colour:yahoo:
    Wear her in good health!:tup:
  13. That's my dream birkin!!:love::love:
  14. chpwhy, your Birkin is stunning, many congratulations!!!
  15. I love RAISIN (it will be my next bag after my SO :yes:)
    and your Birkin is STUNNING !!!!
    Congrats yahoo: !!!