I'm a Mulberry lost cause!

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  1. Had a lovely time today meeting the lovely Mulberrettes at Bicester. It was so good to put faces to names. I went in with no intention of buying but probably spent the most.
    Anyway, since the start of the online sale I have put the nude quilted shimmy hobo into my basket at least 4 times ago but the colour worried me. So I was delighted when Bicester had this beauty:
    Shimmy oak.jpg

    Sara Jane hung on to it for me whilst I went to get the 10% off voucher. This was a "sub" because the lining was sewn in back to front (looked fine to me). I'm very pleased with this bag and love the single handle and hobo shape. I'm starting to do an SJ and rethink my collection as I love the hobo shape so I think I'll be doing some serious evilbaying in the Autumn.

    Oh, and here's a modelling pic. I'm 5'2.5" and a UK size 12 (just).
    Shimmy modelled.jpg
  2. Oooh, I love it! Congrats!
  3. Congratulations! It is so lovely!
    I want a hobo for the Autumn too :yes:
  4. Great colour! Really lovely. My credit card is so glad i didn't go.
  5. Oh well done Bluecat, good choice.
  6. That's beautiful congrats!
  7. Just lovely bluecat-well done:biggrin:
  8. Bluecat i love this bag in this colour , like you i liked the nude but thought it too delicate. Well done on such a great find:yahoo:
  9. :woohoo:

    Good choice bluecat ... gorgeous bag!!
  10. :nuts:
    The brown Shimmy that I didn't think existed!
  11. Gorgeous! :nuts:

    I want a shimmy tote in this leather pls! :P
  12. Hi again!
    Really good to see you today (and to meet your 2 girls who are so cute!!) - I'm glad you decided to buy the bag (think I must've been doing one of my many 'rounds' when you did!!)
    That quilting is really unusual - you must be Bluecat which has got the cream!!
  13. That is gorgeous Bluecat, and rather Unique! I too am falling for hobos lately!
  14. Oh, and I meant to say, I'll gladly take your Fuschia Ombre Bays off your hands if you're feeling that way inclined!!
  15. Fabulous bag! I can see a rush on the hobo style starting soon (with me!) Glad you had a brilliant time, I am so jealous!