I'm a moron..ladies and gents

  1. I had my SIL miss her flight back to the Philippines!!:tdown:She showed me her e ticket last week and it was on military time. I honestly thought her plane would depart today at 1:30 pm. It never even crossed my mind to check with the airline. CRAP. I feel like such an idiot. We can't reach anyone from Cathay Pacific because it's a Sunday. And I'm not so sure if they'd still honor a "no show" ticket. Now she's upset with me... She flew to California 2 days ago and she's staying at her Aunt's house... Has anyone dealt with Cathay Pacific with a similar situation? PLEASE HELP!
  2. if its full fare they should honor the ticket as most airlines do. can you go to their website?
  3. Typically they would honor the whole ticket :shrugs:

    Mistakes happen!
  4. ^^^ yeah even if it was a discounted fare, she would just have to pay the difference for a full fare. airlines are hurting pretty bad these days so I'm sure they'll work something out for her?
  5. ahhh dont be hard on yourself, its an honest mistake, and one that I know I would make myself :smile:

    Hope you get it sorted, and that the ticket can be reissued for you.

    Let us know, but dont feel down on yourself, its just a little mistake :smile:
  6. Aww, it was an honest mistake, don't be so hard on yourself! Hope everything gets sorted out quickly, keep us posted.
  7. Awww so sorry to hear that. i know you feel bad but it was an honest mistake. *HUGS*

    see if she can get them to put her on the next empty seat they have without charge. if needed, speak to a higher up.

    i hope she gets back soon and all is well again. *HUGS*
  8. what does this mean?.. sorry.. i have no clue. i went to their website but it was no help. i have to reach someone in their office tomorrow. I'm fine with paying a penalty fee but I wish they'd honor the ticket

  9. Thanks, Megs... I really am hoping they would.
  10. hey Mags,

    some tickets are discounted.cheap and some tickets are full fare. there is a code (it's an alphabet) on the ticket that tells you whether it's full fare and what the restrictions are.

    reach them tomorrow and hopefully they can do something for you without too much extra cost.

    you can also try calling the airport today. they might be able to help you.

    good luck dearie!
  11. Thank you, Bubbleliciousis! I will try them tomorrow. DH tried the airport but to no avail.... I have no clue if it's a full price ticket.
  12. We got another ticket for her. FINALLY! Because of the time difference, it's so hard to get an answer from them quickly. Anyway, we had to shell out 500 bucks for it. It's ridiculous but it was my fault so..I can't really complain.
  13. Aww...sorry. I never did get that military time thing. Glad you're able to get her back home!
  14. Wouldn't they allow her to fly on stand-by for a later flight?
  15. Glad it worked out, despite the extra fee. It's a lot better than paying for another ticket!