I'm a little weirded out by a girl on my online journal.

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  1. I use a popular online journal site, it's a place where you can post in your journal every day or however often. People can read your journal and comment to you, and vice versa. You can also have only certain people read it.
    I only have a few people on my little friends list. It makes it a great place where I can go and write about my day or vent about things, it's kind of like a real journal but with occasional feedback!

    There's this girl on there that I get along with very well, I've known her for a few years now. But since the last 6 months I noticed she seems as if she's a little "inspired" by me. I noticed that I'll mention some movies or something that are really obscure and then she'll start talking about them, which is not a big deal and not the thing that is weirding me out. Then I said a saying that I haven't heard in AGES and she used the same saying a few days later from that post, still not a big deal.
    Then I started posting a couple posts about buying a new big HD TV and I just wrote about what I learned, very boring dry stuff. This was a very expensive purchase, not some little thing. I thought it was weird that she posted pics of how she bought the TV I was talking about while I was thinking of buying it. I thought maybe she was already planning to, but I found this to be weird.

    Then, a great reason for the journal, I am getting engaged and only my parents know we are looking at rings, just keeping it a little thing for now. But wanted to share excitement and posted pictures of rings we looked at. I love a vintage style ring and that was in the pictures I posted. A week later (this weekend) she made a post about how she dragged her boyfriend to the jewelers and she posted pics of the SAME vintage styled rings (not the same one, just the same style)

    I am just really weirded out by it! I want to get rid of my journal! Maybe it's not this nice private place where I can share my thoughts as I always thought. I just feel weird that there's things she posts about that I am doing or have said that are very particular. I am just surprised she of all people is weirding me out like this.
    I always liked having an online journal, I have had one for the last 9 years. I think I just grew out of it tonight!
    Has this at all happened to anyone else? Even just someone being weird online that you have befriended?
  2. I can understand your concern over this girl copying your actions. Like they say," imitation is the best form of flattery". Since having on online journal gave you enjoyment for many years, why don't you start a new one that is private for your eyes only? This way you can express your thoughts with out having the intrusion of someone else's actions.
  3. We had a neighbor who did that by buying everything we did. It IS weird and annoying. He was just keeping "up with the Jonses."
    I've also had people mimic the way I talked or copied my style. I've had guys come onto me years ago. I assumed they wanted to date, but then they seemed more interested in just copying my lifestyle. VERY WEIRD and misleading!
    I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. At first I thought while reading your post that she was just harmlessly using some of your phrases in her writing style. But as I read further, I better understood your situation.
    Can you lay low for awhile and just drop off the radar? Perhaps write in a private journal or find a new site to join?
    I assume she does not know who you are IRL?
  4. Why dont you just block her from your friends list?
  5. Do it. Delete it. I'll never understand why people put this kind of thing on-line.

    Nothing on the web is private.

    What would you do if this person showed up at the wedding?
  6. Block her, or first post that you're going underground, thank everyone for their readership, then add a password and only give it to the handful you're comfortable with.
  7. Maybe you could post a journal entry about how you know someone who's really annoying because they keep copying everything you do... :devil:
  8. This is exactly what I'd do.
  9. She is a doppelblogger, someone who plagiarizes the content of another blogger for personal gain or recognition. Point out the plagiarism with comments and examples on her posts. See how quickly she will delete her blog. Don't delete yours.
  10. Get rid of her!

  11. I havent removed her but oh yeah definitely she's a form of "blocked" now. I just made it so I can't see her updates and she can't see any of my new ones. If I removed her it would be way too weird considering how long we have "known" eachother. It will work out like this.
  12. ^^^do you know her IRL, or has she just been a follower of yours for a few years? if you don't know her IRL, then why do you feel it would be an issue to block her completely?

    i started to do something like this a few years ago, i think it was called LiveJournal, or something like that, but decided against it. i felt like if i wanted to write a journal for my own personal use, i didn't want others to read what i wrote—i guess for me, it felt like voyeurism. so i stopped using it completely.

    i agree with everybody's comments and i would just block her completely—why stop doing something that you clearly enjoy because of this weirdo online whom you have never met? (or i don't think you've ever met her)

  13. Of course an ONline journal is not a private place. You are open to all kinds of crazies. If you can use a password privacy protection or a membership signup, remove her from the list.

    If not, then that's one of the downsides of posting private information in a Public domain. I suggest not posting all of your personal information out there.
  14. #14 Oct 18, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
    I'm not open to the whole Internet, only people I choose can read it, about 5 people. I haven't added a new person in at least 2 years also.
    I don't write things that I would not want the world to see but I also don't think the world should see it so I like my little simple journal. There's things like the ring that is private but the world wouldn't end if anyone found out in my personal life. Like you quoted from me, it's more a place for thoughts. She's as good as gone, I'll remove her at some point, she can't read my stuff anymore and I can't read hers as I filtered her out.
    It feels better having her out now because I have quite a few more examples but just more of the same. The recent two had me feeling really surprised.
  15. She probably just admires you.

    When I was in my early teens, I would copy girls who I admired or thought were cool. This petered out as I grew a little older and began to value my own judgment more.

    Some people are more independant-minded than others, and some people develop independantness (?) later than others.

    Its possible she is a weirdo, but its just as likely she is a "follower", as they are called.