I'm a little upset with Coach

  1. Ok so I sent my black Ali in for a turnlock repair. The bag was in awesome condition, the turnlock just broke. Anyway...I get the bag back and take a look on the inside and guess what?!?!! They stained the legacy lining in the front pocket and right dab smack on the WHITE stripe!

    I called them up and they were like, oh well send it back in. It's been gone for weeks now. WEEKS and they want it back to "determine" the situation.

    I'm so angry I could scream. BOOO COACH!
  2. I think something like that happened to Kallison. She sent her bag in for a broken turnlock and when she got it back there was glue and junk all over the stripe lining. That's unbelievable to me and completely inexcusable. I am really sorry.
  3. Thanks. What I don't understand is all the sending back nonsense. Why didn't they check it before it left the distribution center and better yet why didn't they just restuff it with tissue paper? Five cents worth of tissue paper and they could have totally avoided smashing my bag. eBay sellers pack bags better than they do.
  4. That stinks. Hopefully, they will fix it for you the right way!
  5. I'm sorry your got Ali back with a stain in the inside. GRRR!!

    Hopefully she will be home soon.
  6. that is sooo stupid
  7. =/ i hope you get it back soon
  8. This is why I'd be so afraid of sending my bag away.
    Will they pay for your return shipping or do you have to pay to send it back?
  9. I'm so sorry about your Ali. I have 3 now and while I love them, I worry about the turnlock and all this repair and return business. If they're going to up the prices they need to up everything else such as CS etc. I love Coach from last year when I first discovered them. I hope they aren't getting "too big for their britches". Keep us updated, please.
  10. They have been having a lot of problems with the turnlocks. I bought a wallet and a bag and when the hardware on the wallet broke I returned both.
    I would see if you can get the name of the head of customer service for coach and give them a call. That might make things more along quickly.
    I love the legacy bags but have haven't purchased another due to teh hardware problems and the price.
  11. That really sucks! I can't believe you have to wait another few weeks just for them to assess a problem they should have taken care of before it ever left their facility! How disappointing.
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I'm hoping they can fix it, and quick so you can have your Ali back!
  13. update:

    I took the Ali back to the Coach store today. The lady who handled it said if she had one she'd just switch them out for me so hopefully things are looking up. I wonder how long this hot mess is going to take. Talk about a struggle.