I'm a little sad...not pregnant

  1. I know this maybe not be the place, but I just a little sad. I thought I was pregnant, but I'm not.:crybaby:

    I couldn't sleep last night because I knew I had to take the pregnancy test (home kit) first thing in the morning. And it's not like we've been trying but thinking that I was made me a little happy.

    Am I being silly?
  2. no, it's not silly at all:nogood:
    Now you know your true feelings though, right? Seems like a baby is what you really want.
    I hope you get what you want, whatever that may be.
  3. Thanks, Swanky. I really appreciated it.
  4. No, you're not being silly for a second. I'm very young and thought I was going to get pregnant instantly... it took a year and a half!!! Sometimes my body would play tricks on me and I would be up to two weeks late and I would get so excited for nothing. Everyone around me was getting pregnant without even trying. It would make me so mad. I completely understand what you're going through. Just have some patience and keep your head up... it'll happen!!! I wish you the best!!!
  5. I've felt that way before. Actually recently I took a home pregnancy test and was disappointed that I was not pregnant, even though I'm not ready to have a baby.
  6. I understand that feeling. But heads up! Keep trying and be positive! You will have your baby someday.
  7. Yeah, come visit us in the TTC thread... we all know how you feel and we have helpful advice as to ways to increase your odds... Best of luck!
  8. Thank you all for your support. My DH & I are officially going to start trying on the month of our one year wedding anniversary (September).

    I guess I wanted it more than I thought. Will keep you all posted. You ladies are the greatest.:tender:
  9. Girlfiend, I have been trying for 1 year, I might have to start Clomin or do an IUI. It makes me evry sad. I think that is why I am bying so many handbags. LOL If I can't have a baby, I'll have another bag! I'll be married 2 yrs in Oct.

    The worst part is all the friends and co-workers who ask, "Pregnant yet?" WTF? Have some common sense. I always say, "When I am, you'll know, OK? Please stop asking" Each month I get stressed just thinkig of it, my period comes late, I think I am, then the let down.
  10. There are still hopes, don't give up!

    I have been going through that roller-coaster ride for the last two years since I had a miscarriage. At least practicing is fun ;)

    Have faith!
  11. aw, I'm sorry! I know how depressing that can be...I've been ttc for over ay ear now and there were a few times that I was SO convinced that I was, but wasn't. Its hard. Our time will come though...
  12. I am sorry. Hugs to you. Dont give up, I am sure you will be blessed with a child one of these days

  13. My SIL tried for about 4 years and now she cant stop getting pregnant.. j/k. she has two beautiful baby girls, (2 yo and 10 mo.)

    I hate when people ask me "when are you gonna have a baby, Carolina (DD's name) is getting big, she needs a little brother" is not like making pancakes you know.. I think getting pregnant is harder than people think
  14. Swear to God, the woman that does my hair got pregnant and all I could think of was "how?" like at 37 yrs old there must be some secret. Ugh. I never thought I'd have a hard time.
  15. I'm sorry. But hey, listen - look what you discovered! You weren't trying, but you were feeling a little happy when the possibility was there, huh? That should be a huge revelation for you!

    Sometimes it takes a little time....it's perfectly normal. There are ALL KINDS of suggestions on how to speed things along, but I think it's quite exciting that the idea has been planted in your mind now and it's something you would like to do! I have four wonderful children and it's made my life all that much better!!! :heart:

    Good luck!