I'm a little concerned...

  1. :confused1:

    My Bbag arrived. She's a Cornflower First. When I opened up the box, and then slowly took her out of her sleeper, I couldn't BREATHE from the amazing color and the leather. What a beautiful bag (digital camera is charging - hope to post pix later this evening).

    However....I'm afraid it's just a little too small. A few of my bags are bigger and this one just seems...small. On the other hand, I've met the City in person and felt like that one was just a LITTLE bit too big. Which almost doesn't make sense, given the slight difference in measurements.

    I'm confused.:sad:
  2. The Twiggy might be the size for you... I do not own one myself (yet :p) but as far as I know it measures about the same as a First in length and width, but it is deeper, so it fits almost as much as a City!

    Almost forgot: Cornflower First :heart: ... sounds gorgeous!! Congrats!
  3. Figuring out what size is right for you is a MAJOR part of b-bag selection. It's almost like you have to see one up close IRL before you can make the right choice. Then you can ask other PFers to post pix of different bags in different combinations, like "Please post photos of your Cities and Days" so that you have a point of reference for comparison and can make a judgement.

    I love the Firsts for nights out when I don't carry a lot of stuff and I want an elegant, structured bag. But when I have to carry more, I go for Twiggy, Day and now (as of this week) City, too.
  4. I thought the same thing when I got my first! I took her out and thought "is this a joke? she looks like a child's bag!".. I thought I'd look silly carrying her!

    But now I :heart: her. I can fit ALOT of stuff! It really amazes me how much fits in there. I also think they look so little when you first get it b/c they're flat, once they're a little "filled out" they look bigger - if that makes sense.

    But if you don't love the size, send her on back & get yourself a twiggy, or a box maybe?

    ETA: can't wait for pics!!!!
  5. I have first, city, and work bbags. They each come in handy for different things. True, the first doesn't hold much but it is so cute maybe you can use it for short 'hops' when you don't need to carry much?
  6. Oh, and I forgot...I realized that the First look small on the outside, but they actually hold a lot on the inside. Try putting your stuff into it and see what happens.
  7. I prefer the City to the First.
  8. I don't buy firsts, no matter how appealing the color. They are just too small for my body and lifestyle.
  9. i love the first AND the city style... it's a great little bag when you don't have to carry too much!! cornflower first sounds soo yummy, congrats!

  10. My thoughts exactly!:yes:
  11. The first IS small but once the City is broken in, it's not big as it begins to slouch. The Twiggy may be perfect for you. It's my 2nd favorite style.
  12. When I rec'd my first "first," I was also shocked by how small it was. I didn't think I would ever use it. But, one day I decided to wear it while I went shopping, and I was surprised by how much I could put inside the bag. I also loved it - it was easier to get into than the city. It was just easy to handle while out and about. But I definitely had to eliminate a lot of the extra stuff from my handbag. I was able to put in my big LV wallet, small LV credit card holder, Balenciaga make-up bag (it only had a small tube of L'Occitane hand lotion, two MAC lipsticks and one ink pen (carried in a ziploc back inside the make-up bag). I could have put a few more small things in - nothing big. But I really love the first size now. :love: If I were you, I would put some stuff in it, and carry it around the house to see how it feels. Take her for a test drive in your house.
  13. Thanks to all who replied. I sincerely appreciate it.
    Truthfully, I don't necessarily carry a lot of 'stuff' in my bags.
    So - it's not even that.
    With all of the big bags these days, it just looks and feels small to me.

    Okay...enough of this chat - I'm going to see if my battery is charged and take some pictures of the new addition! (Well, there are two new additions, actually, there's a LV Multi White Alma, too.)

    Did I mention my b'day was coming up?
    Happy b'day to me!:yahoo:
  14. Happy Birthday sweetie! And be sure to walk around the first. :yes:
  15. I want to post the pictures (my puppy posed with the bags and e'thing) (HE APPROVES) - but, it says the file size is too big. And I don't know how to make it smaller. Can anyone help?