I'm a legacy stripe junkie....

  1. Can't get enought of this stripe with the leather! Don't know what I'm going to do when this line is over:crybaby: I don't think Coach will have anything for me after its gone. As I watch the items slowly disappear from the online shop, I got these today a local store. The pink bracelet is really pretty - it is actually silver, but looks gold in the picture.
  2. Cute! Congrats!
  3. I agree..I'm a stripe addict!!!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats! I love the stripes.
  5. Those are beautiful! Congratulations! I, too, love the legacy stripe items. But I am pretty sure they will come up with something else to hook me when those things are gone!
  6. Such pretty things! I love the legacy line!
  7. I don't about that for me.....it will have to be something pretty special to top this line. I guess I don't really like the signature stuff and this really hit the spot. Everytime I go to or by a store, I feel like I have to get "back up" bags - I haven't yet, but I sure want to!!!
  8. Legacy is here to stay! Just like hamptons and Soho :smile:
  9. I love the striped ones!
  10. That's good....and that's bad (for my wallet!)